Living in a Micro Apartment DC

Micro Apartment DC
Washington Monument, Washington D.C.

This article will cover how you can live on a budget in a micro apartment DC.! Washington, D.C. (or the District of Columbia), is the capital of the United States of America.  It is situated on the northern bank of the Potomac River and borders Virginia and Maryland. It’s among the most attractive holiday locations in the United States. It includes historic monuments, memorials, and administrative buildings.

It’s also a pleasant destination for tourists. DC has plenty of nightlife, outings, fine dining, and activities to do. Many people move to DC for new opportunities and career growth. However, on average, an A-class apartment can cost a whopping $2000 per month! Therefore, to find affordable housing, many people choose to live in micro apartments in DC.

Why Are Micro Apartments in DC Growing in Popularity?

Micro Studios

In Washington, D.C., micro residences are already becoming increasingly popular. A micro-unit is an apartment that is less than 500 square feet. They usually consist of one master suite/living space with a bathroom and kitchen connected. The phrase “micro-unit” has replaced the term “studio” in the property industry.

  1. Millennials Prefer Micro Living

Interest for small but affordable apartments is rising in Washington, D.C. This is due to the rise in cost of housing and the ratio of a younger population. Fresh graduates like to reside in cities where they can walk to work. They also like to socialize at cafes, clubs, food outlets, boutiques, beaches, and concert halls.

Several architects are designing apartments to satisfy the micro living demand. They build facilities that enable millennials to live functionally in a smaller space. The Wharf construction in Southwest D.C. and the Patterson Mansion in DuPont Circle are two examples. These are micro apartment projects planned for the capital’s most desirable districts.

  1. Downsizing Families

Moreover, households in Washington DC are downsizing from bigger families to individuals or pairs. Therefore, the desire for smaller apartments are increasing. Many landowners started renting out portions of their homes to accommodate. This can assist in easing financial pressure while also providing revenue to offset rising property costs.

  1. Community Building

Another factor to consider is that micro apartments create healthy neighborhoods. Shared space enhances the collaborative aspect of tiny living. For young individuals unfamiliar with the area, this is a great way of meeting people and building healthy relationships. However, many will be sharing facilities such as roofs, laundry, and pools. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your neighbors are safe to live with.

Expected Cost

DC is one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. So, living in D.C. is not cheap, but you can save money living in D.C. by moving into an affordable micro apartment. Although the rent of a one-bedroom apartment in D.C. can vary depending on location, they are generally cheaper than big apartments and houses.

A one-bedroom apartment in one of the city’s expensive areas can go as high as $2400 a month! Similarly, an apartment in the far-off industrial area will be much more affordable. However, a micro apartment near downtown will cost around $800 on average. The square footage of such apartments ranges between 400-500 square feet on average.

Living in a Micro Apartment DC

Here is what living in a micro apartment in D.C. feels like:

  1. Downsizing

Moving into a micro apartment is a significant lifestyle change as you will be downsizing (A LOT). You will have to adjust to the smaller space. Sometimes it may feel claustrophobic and cramped, but soon you will get used to it. Avoid cluttering and allow natural light to come in; this opens up the space, making it feel more breathable and spacious.

  1. Cost of Living

Life in a small apartment allows you to save a lot of money on rent. Micro-units might cost hundreds of dollars less in rent than houses in the same neighborhood. Plus, the small apartment means less energy consumption. This means low utility bills.

  1. Amenities

Micro apartments are built in complexes and buildings that often come with many amenities such as maintenance, community pool, lounge, laundry, parking, security, and even storage lockers!

  1. Urban Luxuries

Offices, eateries, pubs, and the best urban luxuries D.C. has to offer will all be within easy reach. Micro units are frequently located in the city’s core, providing stunning vistas as well as accessibility. For several individuals, being near caf├ęs, playgrounds, and galleries makes surrendering room worthwhile.

  1. Transportation

Furthermore, because you may reside, work, and enjoy about the same region, you won’t have to spend as much money on transportation and driving. Plus, cheap public transport like the subway and taxi will be easily accessible.

  1. Work/Life Situation 

Many micro apartments are indeed sustainable and environmental, which appeals to ecologically conscientious customers. They take up less room and use fewer resources. When it relates to Eco-friendly living, there is also a drip impact. To create yourself a cosy yet simple-looking home, you usually buy more miniature furniture, decorate less, and use less power.

Benefits of Living in a Micro Studio

  1. Low Maintenance

Because of their small size, they are pretty simple to maintain and clean. Because the space is smaller, there is less equipment and decoration to purchase. It also reduces the time spent dusting or the necessity for a cleaning staff continuously. But there’s more to it than just reducing costs. A micro-unit is super low maintenance and doesn’t require much time and effort to clean it up.

  1. Low Cost

Micro residences are a far more cost-effective alternative to a standard studio apartment. If you want to rent a big apartment in a decent location, it can easily cost more than $2,500 per month. Plus, due to lower utility expenditures, the productivity of these micro-units helps offset total living expenses.

  1. City Life

People who are drawn to micro apartments are securing a fantastic location in a crowded metropolis. They will be close to restaurants, bars, and public transportation as a result of this. Another massive advantage of micro apartments is that you do not have to worry about roommates or find a place to live.

  1. Privacy

If they have to share that space, a few hundred square feet means little to no extra space. So, it is perfect for young professionals looking for complete privacy and peace of mind. This is especially crucial for socially active professionals, as keeping early in the morning and sleepless hours can be a source of debate between housemates.


Micro apartments are an excellent option for everyone who wants to live in the middle of a bustling metropolis. However, if your ideal location beckons one rent is out of reach, what can you do? Look for a few micro-units. They are especially ideal if you want a private living space in the heart of the city at a low cost. Now, there are many new micro apartment buildings in DC ready to accommodate renters. So, what are you waiting for? Go find your micro apartment DC and get ready to enjoy the Washington DC lifestyle without the burden of heavy rent!