Micro Apartment Denver – What it’s like living there?

Micro Apartment Denver

So what’s it like to be living in a micro apartment in Denver? – Denver, a metropolitan city and county, is the capital and the most populous city of the State of Colorado U.S. The city of Denver is located on the western edge of the South Platte River Valley of the High Plains and east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Denver is famous for its friendly climate and its world-class cultural attractions. Additionally, Denver is known as an outdoor city with thriving craft breweries and chef-driven dining –all within the easy reach of the Rocky Mountains. Moreover, being a heavily populated city, Denver has affordable tiny apartments (some the size of a master bedroom) to keep up with the demand of low-cost housing. Today, we will talk about what it is like living in a micro apartment Denver.

Why Are Micro Apartments Growing in Popularity?

Living in a micro apartment are trending nowadays because of the spike in the cost of living in the State of Colorado. The people there choose to live in micro apartments that are less than 500 square feet because they are affordable. With the growing population, cities provide you with a desirable place to live. The more the population grows, the denser it gets and the more services and social activity it provides.

People prefer to live either alone or with their partners in these micro apartments in Denver instead of living with unrelated roommates. Mostly, young singles live in these apartments as it allows them to have more privacy than living with a roommate. These micro apartment in Denver are for people who bring in minimum wages. Plus, most micro apartments are located right downtown so people can get to work efficiently and timely.

People get on an uber or jump on a train and get to their work in just 5 minutes. These apartments are for people who can’t afford luxurious housing, so these smaller units give them a chance to live the urban lifestyle without heavy rent or mortgage payments.

Living In a Micro Apartment in Denver 

Denver Colorado

Here is what living in a micro apartment in Denver feels like:

1. Space

Let’s be honest, when it comes to micro apartments, the biggest space you can get is a little over 500 sq. feet. And, living in a small apartment you have to embrace micro living. When you move into a smaller place, there are certain things you need to do beforehand. First of all, measure the size of the room and decide your furniture setting. Get rid of extra furniture, avoid hoarding and practice organization. You will have to declutter a lot and only keep the things you actually need.

2. Commute

People choose to live in micro apartments near downtown Denver because it is easier for them to travel to work and go out on weekends to socialize. Plus, cheap public transport is well within walking distance. You can find taxis, Uber, subway, buses, etc. So, even if you don’t have a personal vehicle, you have many options to ride around the city easily.

3. Minimalism and Functionality

Micro Apartments in Denver are all about functionality with around 500 square foot space. You only have enough room to fill the space with necessary items. So, you have to make the apartment functional to accommodate everything you need, without cramping the space. Plus, you also have to arrange additional storage through properly arranged shelves above the stove, packed crates under the bed, bookshelves, etc.

4. Cost of Living

Talking about the living expense, living in a metropolitan city is relatively expensive but within reach of those who make $40,000 to $50,000 yearly on average. The majority of the people who live in micro apartments are busy working their jobs. They are not looking for large spaces to live in. They need to be able to cook a meal, store some clothes, and sleep. Then they are out and about for work. The people who afford these micro apartments in Denver work up to 7-8 hours a day on average or maybe even more. It’s always worked for them; they get little to no time for going out on weekdays.

5. Work/Life Situation  

These micro-units are well designed. It’s all about maximizing the space. The neighborhood is excellent when you live in a dense urban city. You’re in the middle of everything. You’ll always see people around having fun and going out and about on weekends to clubs or to have dinner. 

6. Urban Community in Denver

As micro apartments offer affordable housing right in the heart of Denver, people can enjoy the urban lifestyle without heavy expenses. Micro apartments help you save on rent and utilities. Plus, you have easy access to public transport. All such conveniences make it easy for you to save up extra money and enjoy the urban lifestyle. Denver is famous for its parks, dining, and craft breweries, so you can always go out and have some fun with your friends or family. There are countless different urban communities within the heart of the city of Denver, and each with its unique feel. Below are some of the popular urban areas.

  • LoDo – Lower Downtown
  • Downtown Denver
  • Golden Triangle
  • Capitol Hill
  • Riverfront
  • Denver Tech Centre

Benefits Of Living in A Micro Apartment in Denver

  1. Affordable Housing – The benefit of living in a micro apartment in Denver is that everyone in the city can afford them. Therefore, even the people with mediocre wages earning $40,000-$50,000 can afford these micro-units in the dense city.
  2. Utilities – Micro apartments come with low utility bills as overall energy consumption is significantly reduced.
  3. Privacy – You can live in a place of your own with your privacy at a low cost.
  4. Maintenance – Micro apartments are super low maintenance and don’t require much clean up.
  5. Communal Amenities Most micro apartments come with communal amenities such as pool, laundry, community lounge, etc.
  6. No Roommates – As micro apartments are usually designed for a single person and are low cost, you don’t have to share them with a roommate.
  7. Desirable Location – Micro apartments give you the opportunity to live in a desired location such as downtown, without paying the expensive rental costs.

Downside of Living in Micro Apartments Denver

Storage – Micro apartments have minimum storage space.

Not Family Friendly – They are only suitable for a single person or a couple.

Costly Furnishing – Sometimes the furniture can cost a lot as micro apartments require specialty furniture. 

Summing Up

In conclusion, the best choice for people who can’t afford top-notch luxurious apartments or houses should prefer living in a micro apartment in Denver Colorado. Furthermore, with all the benefits of living in a big city, you have your own place and privacy. Finally, with little expenses, convenience and low cost, micro apartments are the best choice. The idea is to go big on tiny!