Studios for Rent in Los Angeles Under 600 – How to find one

Studios for Rent in Los Angeles Under 600

So how can you find studios for rent in Los Angeles for under 600 dollars? – Firstly, Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the United States. It has a whopping population of more than 4 million living in the county.

The sprawling city has beautiful weather all year round. It is loaded with bustling beach towns, museums, luxury street shops, and much more. Even though population growth has decreased over the years, the economy (especially the real estate market) is booming.

Did you know? Los Angeles has one of the world’s biggest city economies, right behind Tokyo and New York.

From housing local aspiring actors and tech enthusiasts to budding entrepreneurs, LA has endless job opportunities for everyone. Moreover, Los Angeles is teaming with people because there’s a lot to see and do here. Thus, it remains one of the most popular choices among renters. All in all, it is pretty evident why people are drawn to living in LA.

If you are thinking of moving here, here is a detailed guide on finding studios for rent in Los Angeles for under 600.

How To Live Under 600 in LA?

As you may already know, the real estate market in California has been at an all-time high for the past few years – particularly in LA. The housing market is constantly increasing. From million-dollar Beverly Hills mansions to modern condos in Bel Air, LA is homeowner’s paradise.

However, not everyone can afford expensive luxury housing. Therefore, to meet the high demand for affordable housing, there has been a drastic change in the housing market: micro-units. More and more developers have shifted their focus towards micro lofts Los Angeles – a solution for affordable housing that can get you at the 600 dollar mark. 

What Are Micro Lofts?

Typically, a loft is a former industrial building that has been turned into a modern apartment. A loft features high ceilings with exposed pipes, beams, and brick walls. It is similar to a studio apartment but not precisely the same. Now, micro lofts are small loft units with limited square footage. There is no set square footage for micro lofts, but they are usually around 100-450 sq. ft. in size. These units usually don’t come with parking spots, so street parking is going to be your only option.

Average Rental Cost of Apartments in LA

The average cost of rent in LA is different for different types of housing. Let’s discuss the average cost of apartments in Los Angeles: 

  • Studio apartment = $1,990
  • 1-bedroom apartment = $2,639
  • 2-bedroom apartment = $3,870

Now, as you can see, the average rent is too high in LA. These rents are still less expensive than cities like New York City and other urban areas. However, the average rental costs in LA are above the national average of $1101– making them hard to afford for a medium-wage individual or household. 

To live comfortably in LA and enjoy the Californian lifestyle and culture, your rent should be 30% of your total gross income. For example, if you pay $1,500 rent per month, your total gross income should be $5000. Now, of course, you can share an apartment with roommates to split the expenses and cut the costs. But that is not the only option. 

Even though LA is notoriously expensive, you can still find affordable housing by living in a micro-studio/loft. A micro loft in LA costs around $750 on average. Depending on the location, amenities, and other factors, it may be lower or slightly higher. 

Los Angeles Neighborhood for Micro Lofts under 600

LA is a giant metropolis with both upscale and laid-back neighborhoods. Choosing the right location is a big deal when it comes to renting an apartment in LA. Choose an area close to work to decrease commute and transportation costs. Moreover, you will also have more personal time and a better quality of life. There are plenty of great neighborhoods in LA to choose from. Here are some of the city’s prime locations:

  1. Downtown LA

It is the heart of the city with all the action. You will be close to the world’s finest restaurants, shopping destinations, nightclubs, and more. Moreover, Downtown LA is also the job core of the city with multiple business buildings. You can find affordable micro lofts in creative community complexes with modern amenities. 

  1. Hollywood 

Located in west of Downtown LA, it comprises both luxury and median neighborhoods. West Hollywood and Hollywood Hills are the most premium neighborhoods with luxury houses. People living here are both tourists and locals. Plus, many celebrities and influential people live here too. You can enjoy the famous Chinese Theater, Dolby Theater, and Madame Tussauds.

  1. Woodland Hills – Warner Center

Woodland Hills is filled with new developments attracting millennials moving to Los Angeles. It borders Santa Monica Mountains and offers upscale living surrounded by lush, green space. Many unique and modern micro-apartments and lofts are also being developed here. The only caveat is that you are a little further from the inner city.

  1. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in all of the US. It offers a tight-knit community with gorgeous Palm tree-lined streets. While it is super hard to find affordable living here, micro-units are dramatically less expensive than houses. We would suggest not looking in this area for rent under 600 dollars.

  1. Burbank

Burbank comes at a much cheaper price point than the other neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It has a residential feel; you’ll find more space, shopping malls, and entertainment centers. One thing to note is that Burbank is its own City in the middle of LA county. It has different laws and renter laws than the surrounding LA county.

  1. Chinatown

Chinatown Los Angeles is also very affordable as compared to other neighborhoods. You will find many apartment buildings and micro-units here. However, the traffic and parking is much worse due to Dodgers Stadium being nearby. This is an area we would recommend to look for apartments lower than $1000 a month. You will have a better chance snagging one compared to other areas.  

  1. Palms

Palms is the ideal location for UCLA students and staff. It’s family-friendly and has many affordable housing options, from dorms and studios to condos. If you want to avoid the collage town vibe, you don’t want to be here. If you don’t mind it and want to be around the younger crowed, then this is a great spot. 

Finding Studios Apartment in Los Angeles for $600

Studios for Rent in Los Angeles Under 600 - Hollywood

If you want to rent an apartment in LA for 600, here is how you can find one: 

  • Roomates

With $600 per month, you have to limit your search to specific neighborhoods. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in LA is above $2,300. Therefore, many people live with a roommate to lessen the burden. For $600, the best options are Chinatown, Palm, and even Downtown.

  • Commute and Transport 

Budget and desired location are essential aspects of apartment hunting, but you have to be reasonable. If you live Downtown but work in Santa Monica, it is a 75-minute commute! So, choose wisely. Moreover, you have to consider the ease of accessibility to public transport. If you don’t have a personal car, public transportation is a necessity for you. So, you will want to live where you can easily find transport. 

  • Preferences 

Other things to consider when selecting an area are crime rate and statistics, access to the freeways, and other items that may be high on your amenities list. Maybe you are okay with co-living, and as long as you get a room-sized apartment, you are happy. On the other hand, you want complete privacy and seclusion, so a communal bathroom, lounge, and kitchen amenities may not be for you.


Living in LA has its perks, but it comes at a cost – a HUGE cost. To find a decent, affordable house in this expensive city is nothing short of a miracle. But thanks to micro-apartments, it is not impossible. Nowadays, you can find modern micro studios-lofts for rent in Los Angeles for about 600 dollars per month. So, get ready to get a micro-apartment in LA!