What are the most secure windows?

What are the most secure windows

When you think about home safety, it is important to know what types of windows are the most secure. Besides rear doors, windows are the 2nd most common way a burglar will find their way into a home.

This is because windows can be hidden and located from plain view when someone is trying to be discreet while entering illegally. Therefore, it is important to have your windows secured and to know which windows are the most secure for your home.

Furthermore, I’ve compiled the best combination of security to use so you have the most secure window for your home. When it comes down to it, the types of locks and glass are important for protecting your home from unwanted visitors.

Locks for the most secure windows

An unlocked or poorly locked window is your worst enemy when it comes down to safety. You must have a lock that is nearly impossible to break into and make it difficult and frustrating for a burglar. This alone can deter a potential burglar from trying to continue entering your home. Therefore, these types of locks will accomplish this.

Pull-Tight Cam Lock

Pull-tight cam locks are commonly used on horizontal and vertical sliding windows. The way this lock works is by forcing the windows to pull towards each other to create a tight pressure while the lever is in the locked position. Hence the name Pull-Tight.

This feature is great for security as it eliminates gaps between the windows to prevent a burglar from sliding any tools in between to release the lock.  

Vent Latch

A vent latch is an add-on window stopper that allows you to open your window and keep it from opening further. A recommended placement for it is to install it where it opens the window 2 inches. 2 inches is enough for your window to vent air.

The vent latch will eliminate the possibility of someone opening your window further from the outside.

 Sash Bolt

Additionally, you want to add a sash bolt lock that will stop the window from moving at all when it is closed. This bolt works like a dead bolt lock and will work for sliding and open hinged windows. It has a lever that releases a metal rod that goes into a hole on your window’s track and(or) frame.

Adding one sash bolt at the bottom of your window will prevent it from opening completely. This is by far the most secure way to lock windows.

A sash bolt also works on sliding doors. The only difference is that you will want to use two of them and add them to the top and bottom of the door for a secure lock.

Adjustable Security Locks

A cheaper alternative to sash bolt would be to add an adjustable security lock on sliding windows. These are easy to find at any hardware store and are super easy to install.

The way it works is by placing the lock on the base of your window and tightening the butterfly valve to lock the mechanism in place. When secured properly, it prevents the window from sliding in the open position.

Anti-Lift Stop

Modern windows already come with anti-lift stops built in. The way this works is by preventing someone from lifting and removing the sliding window with a crowbar or a flat head screwdriver.

If you have an older home, investigate to see if an anti-lift stop is already on your windows. If not, you may want to consider getting new windows that have them already for added security.

Glass for the most secure windows

The type of glass that is installed is important to achieve the most secure window. Glass is fragile and easy to break, so reinforcing it can help you make your windows harder to break in.

Laminated Glass

To have the most secure windows is to upgrade it to laminate glass. Laminated glass is installed in the interior side of the window and helps the glass from shattering.

Like a car’s front windshield, it will not break apart and create a hole. It will shatter and remain in place and make it harder and difficult to break through. Although, it’s not impossible to break through, it will give anyone who is trying to break in more work and hopefully make noise that will attract attention.

Laminated Dual Pane Glass

Installing laminated dual pane glass is the most secure way to keep a window from breaking. The way this works is by having two pieces of glass with a film in-between them.

The film in the middle reinforces the glass and makes it very hard to penetrate the window with blunt force. The 2nd added window also helps make the window robust and harder to break through.

Additionally, this type of window is energy efficient as it will keep heat or cold from coming into your home. Overall, this is the best type of window to have to make your home secure.

Final Thoughts

To secure your windows and keep you safe, you must way your options on what type of locks you will need depending on what windows you have. For example, securing an AC unit properly can prevent potential security risks.

Some locks won’t work on hinged windows and same goes for sliding windows. Depending on what you have, you may find the options given above may help you achieve better understanding on what you can do to keep you home safe.