Cheap Furniture for College Apartments- How to find

How do you find cheap furniture for college apartments? There are probably a gazillion things on your mind before you make the big transition. What you want to study? Whether or not you want to enroll in a sorority or fraternity? Where’s the best cafe on campus is?.. and What sort of activities you want to participate in at college?

However, you probably haven’t given much attention to how to buy new furniture for a college apartment. This should be on the top of your to-do list, or at least on that list. Your college apartment will be your new home, and it should feel like one.

So, it must be appropriately furnished for you to be able to live comfortably on your own. Unfortunately, too many college graduates don’t plan ahead of time. Once they arrive on campus, they are frantic to furnish their apartments. Thus, they end up purchasing the wrong items or often overspend. 

Here is a simple guide to help you pick cheap furniture for college apartments!

7 Cheap ways to find College Furniture for Your Apartment

1. Browse for Yard Sales across the City

It is a good idea to shop for new furnishings in the city where you will be going to college. You won’t have to transport the massive and bulky things from your house. Especially if you live miles and miles away from your college.

Yard sales are a great way to help you buy preloved or refurbished furniture at an affordable cost. Look for local yard sales. This will also help you get a sense of the city when you shop around. Along the road, you will also meet new locals and possibly meet new people.

2. Browse Amazon

Amazon, unexpectedly, has some great low-cost furnishing options for your student apartment! If you have Prime, you can quickly find excellent and unique items that can be shipped right to your door.

The one disadvantage of purchasing on Amazon is that you can only see it in photos. You cant judge the quality of things based on the (often small) number of photos available. Fortunately, you can rely on a plethora of consumer reviews to assist you in making an informed decision.

3. Auctions Of Personal Property

Estate sales are more professional than garage sales and contain things from a property where the homeowner has died. A foreclosure or an abandoned apartment with items left untouched might also end in an auction.

They’re usually run by professional companies and have a more extensive selection of things. Larger furniture items are more likely to be found in these auctions. Albeit, they will be more expensive than what you’d discover at a garage sale. You won’t be able to bargain costs here, but it will still be less expensive than buying new.

4. Take A Look Around Ikea

Ikea is arguably the best place to shop for furniture if you want affordable, durable, and aesthetically beautiful furnitures. While some items may be worth seeking for a lower price elsewhere, investing in Ikea’s furniture is a wise decision.

You need to find items you will use daily. It also needs to be robust over the next few years (such as your bunk bed). Ikea’s simplistic yet adaptable styles may work with any interior style you have planned for your apartment.

Ikea also has a “Put Up for Sale” department where you can buy furniture used as a trial or reclaimed by a client. Furniture found in this section is usually already assembled and makes your life easier.

This makes it easier to visualize in the space they will soon fill. You may often get an excellent item for a super cheap price from this section. In short, Ikea is the ideal location to gain real-life inspiration. With fantastic showcase rooms, it can help you generate or spark layout ideas.

5. Spend Lots of Time Exploring the Internet

The internet is the best place to find whatever you are looking for. Ever since the boom of eCommerce and online shopping, there’s nothing you can’t buy online.

Finding used, preowned and refurbished furniture has become very easy on the internet. With dedicated websites and e-stores, it’s easy to buy second hand products at throwaway prices.

Craigslist is no longer the only choice. You can keep an eye on posts by joining a local Facebook yard sale group. Also, selecting local pickups on eBay to refine your search, or using apps will help you too.

The majority of these alternatives contain items and furniture of any type for any part of the house. Some apps specialize in everything, from antiques to high-end furniture.

To get the cheapest option, you can also look for products sold, exchanged, or loans. Also, check out other customer reviews and feedback before you make the purchase!

6. Get The Best Deal for the Buck

Versatility and variety is key and you will need to find multipurpose furniture. If at all feasible, look for small-sized multi-purpose furniture. For example:

  • Futons: Sleeper sofas and futons are ideal for first-time apartment dwellers. Work great if you have a studio apartment or frequently like friends to sleepover. 
  • Ottomans: Ottomans are super versatile and serve as storage, a cocktail table, and a place to relax your limbs.
  • Stacking or plastic chairs: These are great for visitors for a party or a group study session. You can find reasonably priced chairs at your local IKEA.
  • Storage containers, hampers, and cubes: Having multiple storage options is a huge necessity. They help arrange your belongings rather than clutter your space. You can frequently use different types of storage containers on sale at Target and IKEA.
  • Interior shag carpets: These are a good option because they are stain-resistant and easy to clean. They are ideal for hiding unsightly apartment carpeting and broken floors.
  • Exterior furniture: Outdoor furniture is frequently less costly than indoor furniture, and you may be able to find stylish and comfortable items that perform the same function for less money. 

7. Make The Most of Coupons and Discounts 

Buy expensive products on the nearest discount day/ holiday/ promotion day (like black Friday/ Prime day). Go to coupon and discount apps like Groupon, and you will see multiple coupons, deals, and discount options.

Moreover, online platforms like Amazon have a back-to-school sale where you can buy college supplies and even small furniture items at an affordable price. These special holiday season sales bring amazing deals. Sometimes you may even get a product for less than half of its original price!


Cheap Furniture for College Apartments

Going to college and moving into your apartment are the most significant moments in one’s life – and the first step to adulthood. However, moving to your college apartment is not cheap. Therefore, you should be looking for cheap furniture for college apartments . This is why we have prepared this guide to help you buy low-cost furnishing for your college apartment. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above help you find what you want right within your budget!