How do you deep clean an apartment?

One day I was sitting in my apartment and realized I wasn’t sure if I knew how to deep clean an apartment. Don’t get me wrong, I do clean my apartment once a week. But have I ever cleaned it thoroughly to the point where it is considered deep cleaned?

Subsequently, I started looking into this to figure out what I needed to accomplish this.

To accomplish a deep clean, you must use the right tools. This consist of using disinfectants, steamers, and sanitizers to pick up all the dirt and filth you can’t see.

For example, if you want to deep clean a rug, you need to use a steamer that will kill and eliminate microscopic dirt. Yes, you can also use a deep cleaning vacuum, but it usually doesn’t kill bacteria. Therefore, its crucial to use a steamer because the heat will kill bacteria and break down dirt at high temperature. You can then use a deep cleaning vacuum to suck it all out with its sucking power.

What does it mean to deep clean an apartment?

How do you deep clean an apartment

As explained above, deep cleaning means killing and eliminating small particles that are not visible to the naked eye. Using chemicals or heat to kill bacteria or break down dirt is the process of deep cleaning. Now that we know what this means, this is how I deep cleaned my apartment.

Deep cleaning the kitchen

If you want to deep clean a hard surface, then using a disinfectant spray or wipes is the way to accomplish this. This should be done after you do an initial pass through with soap and water to get rid of bigger dirt. Disinfecting a surface should always be at the end of the cleaning process.

When I cleaned my kitchen counter, I did exactly this and I could immediately tell how clean it was. It not only looked cleaned, but it felt clean when touched. This is extremely important because I tend to use the counter to place fresh veggies before they are cut.

Now let’s move on to the sink. The sink is probably a surface that many folks don’t even bother cleaning. But this should be cleaned periodically! Again, you should treat the sink like any surface and use a brush and cleaning solution to get rid of the tougher and bigger dirt. You will then end it with either a disinfectant spray or wipe to let it kill any bacteria still lingering.

Deep cleaning the restroom

Deep cleaning the restroom is exactly like the kitchen. You will go to the vanity and clean it thoroughly with warm water and soap. Then end it with a disinfectant solution.

Make sure to repeat this process on the toilet and bathtub and tiles. The only difference would be that you would want to use a sturdier brush before you disinfect.  

When you get to the floor, the restroom is most certainly the dirtiest of the apartment. You should mop it or use a wet Swiffer on the floor to get rid of the bigger dirt out of the way. Then you should use a disinfecting mopping cloth.

Deep cleaning the living room and bedroom

When it comes to the living room and bedroom you will have 2 options because of the type of floor. If you have a rug, you want to use a deep cleaning vacuum and a steamer. As I mentioned earlier, you should pass the vacuum first, then use a steamer to kill and eliminate germs, and then end It with a power suction deep cleaner.

If you have a hard surface, then you should mop the floor first. Then end it with a pass of disinfectant mopping cloth. Let it completely dry before stepping on the floor.

Why you should deep clean your apartment

The main reason why you should deep clean the apartment is for sanitary and health reasons. If you are someone who suffers from allergies, deep cleaning can lower or eliminate allergy attacks.

It has been proven that keeping your apartment clean lowers particles in the air. This is due to lower dust and dirt count from having a clean home. A tip I would recommend is having an air purifier in your apartment to prevent microscopic dirt from landing on surfaces. This will also make it easier to clean your home as it will keep your house cleaner.  

When should you deep clean?

How do you deep clean an apartment

Deep cleaning is not an easy task. It does take up more time than a regular cleaning. So, it is recommended to deep clean only once every 3 months.

Additionally, if you regularly clean once a week, your deep cleaning will be much easier. This should be a no brainer. You should always clean and keep your apartment sanitized as much as possible.

Alternatively, you can always pay for a deep clean service to do it every 3 months if you feel that it may be too much for you. Although, this doesn’t mean you should stop cleaning your apartment regularly.

Final thoughts

It took me about 4 hours to do a deep cleaning to my one-bedroom apartment. In hindsight, I’m fortunate to have a smaller unit so if you have anything bigger, it will take longer. This may be workout to some because deep cleaning is not the same a a regular clean. But if you want to try this yourself, I’ve laid out the plan on how to accomplish this.