How often should you clean an apartment?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how often you should clean an apartment. You will find that each room may require more cleaning than others based on usage. Same could be said with difference appliances found in an apartment. I can give an example of this if we compare the kitchen with the bedroom.

You most likely use the kitchen 1-3 times a day to prepare a meal.  Therefore, you will find yourself cleaning the kitchen up to 3 times a day. Unlike the bedroom, which you may only use to sleep or get dressed in. Its harder to get a bedroom dirty when you are not in or using it as much.

Nevertheless, the common rule of thumb is, you should clean your apartment at least once a week to keep your space feeling clean and organized. Try to assign a specific day to clean for a couple hours and remain consistent every week.

I personally like to clean every Fridays because I would rather relax on the weekend and not worry about having to clean. I usually make plans on the weekends so not having to clean allows me to relax on those days and do as I please.

How often should you clean the kitchen

How often should you clean an apartment

The kitchen can be a little complicated because it can get messy very often. If you tend to cook daily, it will lead to a situation that will require immediate clean up. Therefore, you should be cleaning the kitchen daily. Alternatively, if you like to meal prep, then you will just need to clean for that day.

The best thing to do is to always clean up after every meal. You should always wash your pots and plates once you’re done using them. Pick up the habit of going straight to the sink and washing your dishes when you’re done eating. If you have a dish washer, then you should leave them soaked and ready to clean by the end of the day. You should never leave dirty dishes or pots overnight. This will cause bacteria to created bad odors that can attract insects.

The kitchen is probably the room that will require the most cleaning out of your home. Keeping it clean often will make it easier to maintain and keep organized. You should be cleaning the kitchen at a minimum of once a week including the floor.

How often should you clean the restroom

How often should you clean an apartment

The restroom should be cleaned once a week minimum. The restroom can be tricky because the tub and tiles for the shower can create soap scum. This can lead to a weird smell that tells you it needs a clean. If you have glass or hard surface shower doors, use a squeegee after every use to remove any potential build up.

Additionally, you should be cleaning the toilet at least once a week as well. You can mildly clean the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and cleaning solution once per week. If you don’t do this every week, it will be harder to clean due to stubborn build up that gets harder to remove over time.

The sink and vanity should be cleaned as much as possible. One thing that makes the sink dirty and smelly is residue from brushing your teeth. Imagine all the bacteria coming out of your mouth and just laying on the surface of your sink? It would be wise to rinse the sink after every use and giving it a good cleaning once per week.

How often should you clean the bedroom and living room in an apartment

Truthfully speaking, you can clean the bedroom and living room once a week. What you should be doing is keeping it organized through out the week to keep it maintained.

A simple vacuum or mop should do the trick for cleaning these areas. If you have rugs, I’d recommend purchasing indoor shoes, so you keep the rug clean. Try to avoid walking around your rugs with your outside shoes. This will make it easier to keep clean and clean.

Similarly, if you have hardwood or vinyl floors, you should have indoor shoes that keep the floors from getting dirty. I usually clean my floors once per week with a dry and wet Swiffer pad. This usually does the job that I need it to do. The reason why I only do this is because I tend to keep it cleaned throughout the week.

Additional Tips for a clean apartment

To keep your apartment clean, organized, and maintained, you should periodically include cleaning these items around the house:

  • Kitchen counter (daily)
  • Clean the oven (Every 6 months)
  • Clean Stove Top (Once a week)
  • Do laundry (Once a week minimum)
  • Clean out the fridge (Every 6 months)
  • Wipe kitchen drawers and sides (Everyday)
  • Disinfect all your doorknobs (Weekly)
  • Change or wash bed covers (1 Week to 4 Weeks)
  • Steam your couch (Bi-monthly)
  • Mop floors (Daily)
  • Vacuum (daily if you have pets, weekly if no pets)
  • Wipe down all appliances (Weekly)
  • Clean windows (Bi-monthly)

This list can become overwhelming if you try to do this all-in-one day. I would suggest you cut this down to one task per day to make it manageable.

The point is to stay on track with cleaning by planning and scheduling the days you should clean. If you stay on target with the tips provided, you will find that cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult if you are able to keep up and maintain your apartment. After all, a clean apartment is good for your mental and physical health.