How to Make a 2 Bedroom Apartment Into a 3 Bedroom

I will show you how to create a 2 bedroom apartment int a 3 bedroom, depending on your situation.

Some people need three-bedroom units in their apartment and adding a wall or partition can make this happen. It’s a good way to adjust with children without spending more money on a new “bigger” apartment. 

There are many layouts to go with and it all depends on your situation. If you decide to put a wall, you will need a permit which costs time and money. If you are renting, you will not be able to do this (for obvious reasons). But, if you have a 2-bedroom apartment and now need to have 3 bedrooms in your apartment, it can still be done.

Wondering how? Well, I will explain 2 methods on how you can make a 2-bedroom apartment into a 3-bedroom apartment. You can either do full on construction to add a new room, or use custom hacks.

Construction – Building A New Room

Construction - How To Make A 2 Bedroom Apartment into A 3 Bedroom

A proper way to build a new room in your two-bedroom apartment is through renovation and construction. If you own the unit, you will be going to add a legal new bedroom to your house. This option will increase your apartment’s value. But it will cost you money and lots of time trying to curate permits. Additionally, this method makes it easier to customize your layout better. If you’re not in the position to be making this type of renovations, read the second method further down.

Reduced Size

Consider the fact that you will be reducing the size of your apartment’s space. Therefore, it will make your apartment’s floor plan seem closed off and less roomy. So, you have to make sure the bedroom leaves enough space, so the person inhabiting it can sleep there comfortably. Please don’t try to cut corners of your apartment and do not do any disallowed work to your apartment.

Avoid Free Corners

The most important thing to remember is that you have to follow legal guidelines. Legally, bedrooms have a size of 80 square feet and no dimension can be less than 8 feet. So, if you find a free corner in your apartment don’t assume you can make an extra-legal bedroom.

Hire Experts and Professionals

You will need a plan for your new third bedroom addition. If you are willing to break down or add walls to reconfigure, then you will need to hire an architect. They will advise you with the best ideas for the floor plan of your apartment. Additionally, they will give you legal plans on how to layout walls. This will bring peace of mind for your new bedroom while following safety and fire regulations.

Legal Proceedings

Making a two-bedroom apartment into a three-bedroom apartment also requires a permit. To get a permit you need to submit all of the layout plans to the department for approval. It’s tedious process. It takes time to submit plans to alter your two-bedroom apartment into a three-bedroom apartment.


An apartment that has a more rectangular or square shape can have many windows which will help you add an extra bedroom. Also, an apartment having a large living room can give you some space for an extra bedroom with the proper layout.

Some of the two-bedroom apartments also come with a maid’s room that can be turned into a new bedroom for your apartment. A large room with a lot of windows is the best thing to make a new bedroom, also if you think creatively, you can have a perfect layout.

You can add a standard size closet while having bedroom space. You can also easily fit a queen-sized bed with heaters. Ideally you should also add a washroom to your new bedroom but it is not feasible in an apartment. However, apartments already have a common bath so that is not a big issue.

Floor Plan

You can design a good floor plan for the remodeling project if you want to add the third bedroom to your apartment. If you choose some space from your main bedroom entry hall, you might have a sufficient place for the third room. Go with the open space bedroom plan, by this, your bedroom windows won’t be hidden by the walls, this new creative plan will make your bedroom look great.

There are factors which are very important if you are turning your 2-bedroom apartment into a 3-bedroom apartment, first you will need to think about placing your bed in a good position, then the bedroom door and then the closet, etc.

Undertaking Cost

How To Make A 2 Bedroom Apartment into A 3 Bedroom

The cost of making a two-bedroom into a three-bedroom all depends on the complexity, because there are many factors such as architect cost and other expenditures. For simpler alternation for the new bedroom, it will cost less and this will erect a new wall in your apartment and some of the cost will be for other stuff such as closet, etc.

How Long Will It Take to make a 3 bedroom?

This is a time-consuming project as you are going to add one bedroom to your existing apartment. The whole of the designing, permits, and other things will take up to a year from the scratch.

Cheap Hacks on how to make 2 Bedroom Apartment Into 3

Now that we have discussed all the necessary details of turning a two-bedroom apartment into a 3-bedroom apartment, option 2 shows you some great ways to take up this task without having to go through the construction route.

1. Add a Glass Partition

If you cannot got through the construction or renovation route, create a third room in your two-bedroom apartment by installing a glass partition. This is an excellent solution for small apartments. Glass partition will create a separation without closing up the space. It will not make your house feel cramped and it looks modern too!

2. Curtains

If privacy is not an issue, then you can also dedicate a third bedroom space and segregate it from the rest of the house with curtains. This works great if you want to have a nursery or a guest bedroom. Plus, it is not a permanent alteration so you can always remove the curtains and open the space!

3. Loft Bed

Loft beds can be installed in apartments that have high ceilings. If there is no space in the house for a third bedroom, get creative with a loft bed. You can custom design a loft bed to suit the dimension and space in your apartment. They are also much cheaper than building an entire separate drywall. Look up different ideas on Pinterest!

4. Use The Closet

In a tiny apartment, you can fit a murphy bed into a closet and use it as a third bedroom. It is very convenient and functional for guests. So, if you regularly have visitors, simply pull out the bed and there you have it – a guest bedroom without actually building an entire room!

5. Play with a Bookshelf

If you have a big living room that you can divide into a room and a living room then instead of creating a wall partition, install a bookshelf! Not only does it look cool, it will also give you a lot of extra storage space!

Conclusion – Make a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom

There are many reasons why people want to add another room to their apartment – from growing a family to housing a tenant. If you are also looking for ways to turn your 2-bed apartment into 3-bed without spending money, use the tips mentioned above. This short guide teaches you how to make a 2 bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom without much hassle!