How To Make a Living Room into A Bedroom? – 6 Great Tips!

Thanks to the minimalist lifestyle, living in a studio apartment has become a trend now. Living in a Studio apartment allows you to make the most of your living space and incorporate both style and functionality. However, marrying a single floor plan into separate spaces is quite hard. Perhaps the biggest challenge of living in a studio apartment is creating a separate bedroom and a living room.

So, how do you combine the two spaces in the limited square footage? Well, the answer is simple: combine your living room and your bedroom! Modern interior design tells you how to have a stylish living room that also functions as a bedroom or vice versa. Allow us to tell you how to make a living room into a bedroom without compromising style and design.  

1. Create A Budget and Plan Ahead 

How to make a living room into a bedroom - Planning

The first step is to look around your living room and check how much space you have. You cannot just buy stuff and throw it into the room. Study the angles and try to utilize the area best to maximize the space. Remember: the key to decorating a studio apartment is functionality. 

Do some research, look into interior design, and note down your requirements. Then plan the layout and interior according to your budget. Invest in preset furniture remodeling to get something. Once you know these basic things, you can quickly start creating a combined space to work as a living room and a bedroom. 

2. Play With Colors 


Colors speak a lot about our personality and evoke certain emotions. This is why colors play an important role in interior design. The color scheme is one of the most important aspects of turning your living room into your bedroom. You can play with colors to create a segregation between the bedroom portion and the living room section. You can also partition your studio apartment into different zones by color coordinating each area and creating clear sightlines with the right furniture placement.

Giving your space a new look by painting the walls will refresh your space, and the overall look of the room will completely change. If you want your room to look bigger, then go for the colors such as White, Beige, Light Gray, Yellow, or Blue. If you don’t know where to begin, check out the aesthetic Pinterest or Instagram posts for some modern color plate inspiration! Remember to paint your walls and ceiling the same color. If you want to style your room according to you, add custom decorations against your wall; this way, your space will look aesthetic.

3. Brighten Up with Natural Light

Natural Light

Let’s face it, fitting an entire bedroom into a living room seems impossible without cramping the space. Introducing a lot of natural light is a great way to overcome this issue. Letting natural light in your living room/bedroom will brighten up the whole area. You don’t have to worry about large windows. Small windows work just fine, as long as you are getting that morning sunshine! 

No one wants their bedroom to be suffocating and cramped. First, remove those heavy curtains in your living room that make the space look dark. Go for the light fabrics for curtains that you can pull up and let the natural light in. This way, space will look all bright and fresh.

4. Add Functionality with Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture

You do not have to stuff every piece of furniture into your studio apartment. But, on the other hand, that doesn’t mean you do not have ample space for a bed, sofa, dresser, study, storage cabinet or work station. Double-duty or multipurpose furniture is furniture that has more than one function.  It is a normal piece of furniture with a hidden feature.

This multipurpose furniture idea is quite remarkable as it will give your room 2 in 1 look. This means that it can work as a living room and a bedroom at the same time. Multi-functional furniture is designed for small spaces to add functionality and save up space. You can find convertible coffee tables, custom closets, desk beds, sofa beds, murphy beds, etc.

This multipurpose furniture is quite a solution for you because your space will look like it’s your living room in the day, and at night you can sleep comfortably without any problem. 

5. Get Creative Room Dividers 

Dividers - how to making a living room into a bedroom

There are many ways to turn your living room into your bedroom. You can use a room divider that acts as a partition wall and helps you create two separate areas in one. If you want two different areas, one as your living room and the other as your bedroom, then a room divider is the solution. It is perfect for those who want to maintain their privacy. 

People who have tiny homes are lucky to use many things to separate areas of the room and create comfortable sections. Following are some ideas for adding dividers between the living room and bedroom:

Bookshelves: You can use a tall bookshelf to separate your sleeping area from the other area. You can also use this bookshelf for book storage and to store other things. 

Sliding Doors/Barn Doors: these are stylish and modern doors. They create separation without making you feel cramped and claustrophobic and can be completely opened up whenever you want!

Glass Dividers: Many interior designers recommend glass partitions to divide space in a studio apartment. Glass dividers separate the rooms without blocking the sightlines. Thus, the entire area feels breathable and spacious. Moreover, as natural light penetrates through the glass, it makes the space feel brighter and more open. Glass separators can also block noise significantly.

Print Screens:   These screens divide the areas and give off an artistic look to your space.

See-through Wooden Dividers: They look classic and elegant. Wooden dividers create segregation between the areas without fully closing up space. 

6. Maximize The Closet Space

how to making a living room into a bedroom - closet space

One of the most annoying aspects of living in a studio apartment is trying to fit your clothes into a tiny little wardrobe that is always in need of a makeover.  To help resolve this issue, you should customize your closet as per your requirements with practical solutions. While a giant walk-in closet is a solution for maximum wardrobe space, it is not doable in a studio apartment.

Think of smart space-savvy ideas. Save yourself from a chaotic and messy wardrobe situation by investing in boxes, hangers, rods, baskets, and open shelves.  You can also add a large console under the TV and use it as both a TV unit and wardrobe storage.  


Nowadays living small has become the new lifestyle – especially among young people. Living in studio apartments gives you the luxury of enjoying urban life without paying heavy rent, utility bills and other costs. But, living in a studio apartment is not as charming as it sounds. Many people struggle to create a proper living space in a studio apartment. This article has listed down some unique yet practical ideas to help you make your living room into a bedroom. Be imaginative, creative and make a stylish bedroom and living space!