What Prevents a Family from Moving to a Smaller Apartment?

So, what prevents a family from moving to a smaller apartment? – Minimalism has become a popular trend in today’s generation.  It has become a Lifestyle gold for many people. People like living in an apartment to be more active and live a maintenance-free lifestyle.  Many families nowadays are also living in Apartments, especially in the urban areas. There are many reasons why a family would have to move into an apartment, but generally, most families prefer houses over living in an apartment.  Why is that so? Why are apartments generally only suitable for single people or couples? Today we will talk about what prevents a family from moving to an apartment.  So, without further ado, let’s dig right in!

Why A Family Moves to a Smaller Apartment?

What Prevents a Family from Moving to a Smaller Apartment

There are many reasons why a family would want to downsize and move to a smaller apartment. Let’s take a look at them:

1. To Move to A New Neighborhood

Many families move to smaller apartments so they can live in a particular neighborhood. People often move to the city for a shorter commute to work so they have to live in smaller apartments.

2. To Enjoy Urban Life

People move to smaller apartments to live in the city so they can enjoy the urban lifestyle. This is particularly true for young families.

3. To Reduce the Cost of Living

Smaller apartments are low maintenance and less expensive to live in. Rent, utility bills, taxes and all other costs are much more affordable as compared to living in a big house.

Disadvantages of a Family Moving to a Smaller Apartment

Disadvantage of moving smaller apartment

Here are the top 7 reasons that prevent a family from moving to a smaller apartment:

1. Smaller Living Space

One of the biggest reasons a family does not want to downsize is the smaller living space. A small Apartment can end up feeling cramped and claustrophobic if the space is not managed right. So, to make it feel more spacious and open, get rid of bulky furniture pieces and unnecessary items. You will practically have to adjust your lifestyle to your new small apartment to live comfortably. Here are some things you can do to make your tiny apartment feel big and open.

  • Use vertical spaces for the organization instead of horizontal spaces
  • Keep the decor light and subtle
  • Avoid heavy curtains and let the natural light flow in
  • Get rid of useless things
  • Add houseplants

2. No Backyard

This is a no-brainer.  Who doesn’t like a backyard?   Apartments don’t come with a backyard, which is perhaps one of the main reasons families avoid living in apartments. People with families want to have a house with a backyard so the kids can go out and play. This is something you will never get living in a small apartment.  However, it’s not the end of the world and works great for young couples who are starting out a new family.  Maybe once the baby grows up, you can move to a bigger house with a yard!

3. Less Storage

Even if it’s just a couple living in a small apartment, there will always be storage issues. Managing space for everything in an apartment is an art. You have to invest in extra storage units to accommodate everything. If you want to live in a small apartment, just make sure you declutter all the unnecessary and unused things. You can increase storage and maximize existing storage with hangers, drawers, storage boxes, racks, and shelves. Also, invest in smart furniture with built-in storage, so you have extra storage space.

4. Becomes Easily Cluttered

A small Apartment can quickly become cluttered and cramped if things keep piling up. If you have kids, you will constantly be on your toes. If you ignore the mess soon, you will end with a ton of cleaning to do.  So, keep your apartment organized and regularly deep clean the house. Don’t let the mess sit around for long. Even though you have to keep an eye on the mess, smaller apartments require less maintenance and effort than real property.

5. Smaller Entertaining Area

Living in a smaller apartment means less entertaining space. If you regularly like to entertain and have friends and family over, then a smaller apartment is not for you. Most small apartments do not have a separate dining or entertainment room so that you will be doing most of your entertaining in the living room. This works fine for small families but won’t work for those with two or more kids. Downsizing will impact your social life, and you would have to say bye to hosting big parties, dinners, and gatherings.

6. Less Privacy

Another cost of moving to a smaller apartment is less privacy. Since all the rooms in an apartment are on the same floor, there’s hardly any privacy. Whether it is parents or kids, both will have to struggle with this. Plus, the only thing separating you from our neighbors is a wall. So, also get ready for noise and noise complaints. You can soundproof the walls to avoid such issues.

7. No Garage

Yup! Living in a smaller apartment comes at the cost of giving up on a garage. If you own a family car, you would probably have to park it on the street. Most apartment buildings do not have a parking lot, so you will have trouble with that.

Benefits of Moving to A Smaller Apartment

What Prevents a Family from Moving to a Smaller Apartment - Saves Money

A family moving to a smaller apartment is not all bad. There are many benefits of moving into a smaller apartment:

  • Low Expenses

A smaller apartment means lesser rent/mortgage payment. This will significantly reduce the overall expenses. Plus, you will also be able to save on utility bills and other costs. The cost of living in an apartment is also low because it requires very low maintenance. Here you can find small apartments that are for rent.

  • Easy To Clean

Yes, small apartments can become easily cramped, but they are also very easy to clean. You can quickly clean up a small apartment without having to spend hours. Your laundry is also on the same floor, so you wouldn’t have to go up and down the stairs to do laundry.

  • Close to Downtown

Moving to a smaller apartment is an excellent option if you want to live close to downtown without breaking your bank. You will be close to the main city and enjoy the urban lifestyle. You can regularly visit your favorite cafes, bars, parks, etc.

  • Keep an eye on Kids

Living in a smaller apartment means less privacy, giving you the perfect opportunity to keep an eye on your kids. You can easily watch what they are doing and who they are talking to.

  • Cozy Atmosphere

Living in a small apartment has its own charm. It makes you feel warm and cozy, and safe. Plus, you feel closer to your family too and get a chance to spend more time with them.


Moving to a smaller apartment comes with many challenges, but it can also be very rewarding. There are many reasons that prevent a family from moving to a smaller apartment that you should consider before making the big move. Hopefully, this article helped you in finding out what prevents a family from moving to a smaller apartment.