12 Ways To Get An Urban Apartment Decoration Finish

Urban apartment decoration to uplift the look of your apartment – Are thousands of different ideas swarming through your mind? But you cannot figure out the perfect option for your place. Well, don’t worry we are here to solve your confusion with the 12 best urban decoration ideas for your apartment handpicked by interior design experts. This year the home décor trends have changed significantly. In this article, we will share the top urban apartment decorations in 2021. From playing bold colors to using modern functional touches, we have got it all.

So, without further ado, let’s dig right in!

12 Urban Apartment Decoration Ideas 

1.    Environment-Friendly Options for the apartment

Global warming and depleting natural resources have affected every aspect of our lives and the interior décor industry is no exception. Thus, it is important to choose sustainable décor pieces in your house. Minimize the use of plastics and reduce your carbon footprint by swapping plastic bottles with glass ones, use rattan baskets instead of plastic and get paper bags or biodegradable bags instead of the typical plastic ones. This will not only make your place look trendy and modern but you will also contribute to saving the planet. Many TikTok and Instagram home organization and decor pages have some great tips and tricks to set up your apartment with sustainable and durable options!

2.    Combine Prints and Patterns for an urban decorative look

Flower Patterns

In the past years simple and plane designs were dominant. Now the trend is shifting towards mixing louder patterns together. Add floral printed cushions and throw pillows on a geometrical pattern sofa. Incorporate layers of patterns with printed rugs, mats, and carpets. Bed Covers with prints coordinated with room curtains can also add an interesting feel to your bedroom. It is all about going all out with patterns and prints but make sure you don’t over do it; otherwise it can end up looking a hot mess!

3.    Choose Bold Urban Primary Colors

Bold Colors - Blue

For the past 4-5 years, neutrals were the dominant color category in interior design. Now, red, blue or yellow décor with earthy tones in the background is back in fashion. It is time to say goodbye to muted monochromatic color palettes and play with color. For example, a bright-colored lamp, frame, or side table can make a dull corner pop out. You can also mix contrasting colors together to give a bright and bold look. In short, it is all about embracing colors but make sure you understand co,or theory to pair the right hues together. For example, yellow, teal and white look amazing together but pairing yellow, mauve and green is nothing short of a disaster!

4.    Uplift Your Space with A Wall Mural

Mural Wall - Urban Apartment Decoration

Painting your walls with the basic white or solid bold color is no more the way to go. Plain painted walls look nice too but an accent wall mural will make your space look super artsy. Wall murals have become a popular choice this year. First choose a prominent wall, like the one behind your bed, dining area, or the media wall. Then select a design that truly depicts who you are, and expresses your inner self. Just make sure it blends well with the interior of the whole space.

5.    Rustic Elements Are Trending for Urban Decorations


Sleek and perfectly finished details can make your apartment look more like an office. Rustic, rough, and imperfect details add a cozy and homely feel to your place. Vintage ceramic vases, handmade wall hangings, and distressed painted furniture will add a strong rustic vibe to your home and make it look super cozy. Plus, perfect is boring so just play it cool!

6.    opt For an Industrial Apartment Decoration

The industrial look is trending this year as well, just like the last two years. Large pendulum lights are the most common and easy way to incorporate the look into your apartment. If your space allows, add an industrial-style kitchen island. Add Slate tiles in the bathrooms with dull warm lights. Metallic meshwork furniture in your living room can also bring a top industrial look to your apartment. Over all, a clean modern industrial decor will look great in a studio apartment.

7.    Add Upcycled Items for An Urban Vintage Feel 

Upcycle furniture

Upcycled furniture not only benefits the environment by limiting the use of wood but also creates a breathtaking classic ambiance. You can take inspiration from YouTube tutorials and get details about which products and tools to use for best results. Give your old nightstands, writing table, bookshelf, or kitchen cabinet a new life. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always purchase refurbished pieces on online platforms like Etsy!

8.    Embrace Earthy Hues

Earthy Hues

Earthy hues have been a consistent feature of home décor for years. It will continue in the future as well. You can never go wrong with them. But be sure to pair the right shades together, like Pantone declared grey and bright yellow the colors of the year 2021. Pairing a neutral earthy color with a contrasting bright color can add subtle vibrance to your place. For ideas and inspiration, check out Pinterest.

9.    Classic And Traditional Urban touch

Urban Apartment Decoration - Victorian

Classic touch can make your place look regal. Just a single traditional Victorian piece in a room like a bed, a dresser, or a grandfather clock in the living room can let you taste the imperial flavor you have been craving for. So, if you are not into clean and modern, go for a classic traditional feel. However, make sure you maintain a right balance and don’t go all 1700s royal castle mode!

10. Fill Your Urban Home Office with Life

Urban Apartment Decoration Contemporary

In the past couple of years, home offices have become part of every household – especially since COVID-19. Working all day long in a dull room can become exhausting. Light up your home office with a good study lamp, a tall corner lamp, and insert a few LED lights here and there to get a well-lit place. A faux plant on the desk can give a cooling effect to your eyes after staring at a laptop screen for hours. Add bright paintings in the room to give the place an interesting vibe.

11. Contemporary Style

Contemporary Style

Contemporary decor is one of the most dominant styles of the year 2021. It reflects the newest trends in the market in a non-traditional way. Emphasize the use of glass on tabletops, kitchen counters, and even doors. Fine quality metal furniture will also help you bring a contemporary style to your apartment. Many people confuse contemporary with industrial but they are not the same. So, do your research first!

12. Houseplants Decorations To Freshen Up

Urban Apartment Decoration - House Plants

No home is complete without houseplants. They add an unparalleled freshness and zen feel. Visit your local nursery and find the best-suited plants for your place. Prefer low-maintenance plants so they don’t die out too soon. Water them regularly and use kitchen waste as an organic fertilizer. You can place houseplants anywhere you like, such as window sill, table top, kitchen island, empty corner, etc.

Conclusion – Urban apartment decoration

Your interior and décor of your home is a reflection of your character and personality. Furthermore, if you want your apartment to feel like your own little sanctuary, you have to invest time and energy to make it look and feel that way. Many people ignore apartment decoration because of the lack of the space but the right décor can actually make your small apartment feel open and spacious. So, we hope you spend your time and money wisely with the information given above.

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