How To Find Apartments Under $750 Near Me?

Finding an apartment is more than just finding accommodation for yourself. The perfect apartment should be aligned with your budget commute and other needs and preferences. If you are looking for Apartments under $750, you are in luck. Because $750 is a healthy budget to find a small apartment for yourself. Today we will talk about everything you should know about finding an apartment within your budget. So, before you search for “apartments under $750 near me”, read this guide first!

How to Find an Apartment?

Looking for Apartments Under $750 Near Me

Apartment hunting can be overwhelming and hectic as the process of finding a new house requires a lot of time, effort, and considerations. From where you want to live to an apartment, you have to decide many things to find the most suitable abode.

Here are the key steps involved in apartment hunting:

1. Choose Your Rental Budget

Before you even start searching for an apartment, the first thing you need to do is fix the budget. Be realistic about how much you can spend. Ideally, your rent should not exceed one-third of your income. If you follow this rule, you can avoid the burden of expressing the rental cost and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Is your budget $750? – That means your income should be at least $2000 plus. If you still need help with determining the proper rental budget, you can use a rent calculator.

2. Pick Your Location

Your desired location and pick your talk neighbourhoods. After that, you should expand the location parameter by picking the next best alternative neighbourhoods. The location should align with your preferences, such as commute length, security, convenience, ease of access, etc. For example, you don’t want to move into an apartment where the nearest grocery store is 45 minutes away because that would be highly inconvenient.

3. Tour Apartments

Whether you are apartment hunting yourself or have hired a listing agent, always tour the apartment in person. Visiting the apartment helps you imagine the space as your home. Shortlist a few apartments and then visit them in person. Check the working of lights and other electric appliances. Ensure the faucets are working fine and have good water pressure, check the air-conditioner/heater vents, and check for jammed door locks. Check the place for molds, termites, rats, or other pests. Also, check the Wi-Fi and network signals to avoid future trouble.

4. Rental Application

Once you have found the apartment that suits your requirements and is an excellent fit for your budget, begin the rental application as soon as possible. If you delay putting in an offer, you might lose the apartment to another party. Initially, for a $$700-800 apartment, you might have to pay an initial amount of around $50 to apply. The application process is generally simple and requires you to submit important personal documents such as ID, social security number, reference, financial statement, etc.

5. Move

The last and final step of finding an apartment is moving in. This is one of the most challenging aspects. You have to change your address, furnish an apartment, manage utilities and do so much more.

Apartment Under $750

Finding apartments under $750 near me can be both easy and hard, depending upon the location I choose. Some areas like downtown are always more expensive than other locations in the city. Generally, I can find a one-bedroom apartment for a budget of $700. If you are not too picky about the location like me, you may even find a two-bedroom apartment in that price range.

Now, coming to square footage, most apartments priced for $500-$700 are typically 530-400 sq. feet. Again, in far-off areas, they may be a little bigger. Such apartments are suitable for a single occupant. Couples can also comfortably live in an apartment under $750.

Tips For Renting an Apartment For $750


Here is how you can rent an apartment for $750 without breaking your bank:

1. Consider Renting with a Roommate

This is one of the best hacks for an affordable place. You will most likely find an apartment within that budget if you are willing to split rent with a roommate. For example, you might not be able to find an apartment for $750 in your desired location. But if there is a two-bedroom apartment available for around 1500, finding a roommate and splitting the rent will help you get the apartment in your desired location right within the budget.

2. Avoid Popular Moving Seasons

During popular moving seasons, the rent goes up as the demand increases. So, make sure you move houses during off-peak season. During the “off” seasons, landlords are more likely to give you a deal on rent to keep up their occupancy. If you time it right, you’ll find yourself in a much better position for negotiating rent with your landlord.

3. Look for Middle-Floor Units

Metal storage units are usually less expensive than lower and higher levels. This is because higher levels have great views and ventilation Where low levels allow easier access to the apartment. So, if you can live with less than perfect views and take the elevator/stairs, it is better to go for a middle floor unit as they are so much cheaper.

4. Check Listing Websites

You can look up the listing websites, and there are many amazing ones out there that can help you land your dream apartment right from your phone. All you have to do is set the budget, location and hit search! Here are some of the best websites for apartment hunting: – It is one of the most commonly used websites with more than 1 million options to choose from, with extensive details and pictures of the properties. – It is another famous listing website that displays the available properties in the United States.  Once you set the location and budget, you will find multiple listings of apartments available for rent. – Zillow is the ultimate home hunting online platform. It has all the latest listed properties for rentals and lets you compare different options with genuine ratings and reviews. – It is one of the oldest and most trustworthy websites in the market, with thousands of satisfied customers. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it on Craig’s List. Whether you are looking for an apartment in New York or a Condo in Los Angeles, Craig’s List will have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Apartments Under $750 Near Me – Conclusion

The most critical aspect of apartment hunting is to do your research before you dive right in. You should know your priorities, fix your budget and pick the correct location. If you are looking for an apartment for $750 nearby, you might not get everything on your list, so be prepared for some compromises.

When you look for a place within a fixed budget, you will have to compromise your dream home. For example, having fewer amenities, smaller-sized apartments, unconventional layout, etc. These are some of the sacrifices that you might have to make. So, keep an open mind, and soon you will find a suitable apartments under $750 near you.