Micro Apartment Seattle for Rent – What You need to know

Micro Apartment Seattle For Rent

What to expect from a micro apartment in Seattle that is for rent? Micro apartments are built with simplicity, sustainability, community and affordability in mind.

These apartments, located in Seattle’s most densely populated neighborhoods, have many perks. These perks include the benefits of urban living at lower rent cost. Additionally, these inexpensive apartments are located near convenient commuter infrastructures, such as buses and train lines.

Moreover, most of these apartments come with modern appliances for your daily necessities. All utilities, such as gas, sewerage, electricity and water are included at one rate.

In today’s world, life would be difficult without internet access. Therefore, each micro apartment in Seattle includes high-speed broadband internet.

Lastly, the buildings and the micro apartments are clean, safe and friendly. Thus, make the apartments affordable and help you stick to your rent budget while living in a ideal location.

This article will explain what to expect about living in micro apartments in Seattle for rent and everything you need to know about it!

What Is a Seattle Micro Apartment?

Typically, micro apartments are former industrial buildings that are turned into modern micro apartment complexes. They often feature high ceilings and offer many amenities to the homeowners/renters. They are similar to studio apartments but not precisely the same standard size.

Micro apartments are super tiny as they are usually not bigger than 400-500 sq. ft. Nowadays, many developers are investing in micro apartment projects to meet the high rental demand of affordable housing. They try their best to accommodate all the basic needs into a tiny space without compromising functionality.

Micro Apartment Floor Plan

Much like an efficiency and studio apartment, micro apartments are generally designed as a single open space without any internal walls separating the rooms. Of course, bathrooms are an exception. No one wants to live without a private bathroom area. But, in contrast to typical studios, micro apartments are very small in size. Overall, they have less square footage.

New complexes have tweaked the traditional design of a studio and created more dimensions by building smart storage and built-in furniture to give more functionality.  This is an excellent option for those living on their own. Seattle micro apartments for rent come with higher ceilings and may also have loft beds.

This type of housing unit is perfect for renters who want to experience the urban lifestyle at an affordable cost. Micro apartments have their own charm and allow you to customize the floor plan and layout of the apartment.  Due to the small size, the apartments are recommended for bachelors or students. This is not to say you can’t live in a small apartment with a partner. (It will take work, trust me).

Why People Live in Micro Apartments Seattle?

A major factor to live in micro apartments in Seattle is that they are inexpensive and are desirable. The cheapest rent of a micro apartment in Seattle is $595 and on average it’s $1758 (2021 Statistics). The cost varies in different apartments. The price increases as you shift from 1 bedroom to 2 bedrooms and so forth. One can find a rather desirable micro apartment in Seattle for themselves for around $700-$800 in the heart of the city and it gets cheaper as you move out into the suburbs and outskirts of the city.

6 things to expect living in Micro Apartment in Seattle?

Seattle downtown

Over the past few years, there has been a revival in micro-living in Seattle due to the increasing rates of rent. This is forcing people to identify their main priorities.

The sizes of the apartments are defined differently based on their counties/cities. Usually a micro apartment in Seattle is about 200-400 square feet, more or less. The only downside of living in a micro apartment in Seattle is obviously the space issue.

If you were previously living in a bigger apartment and you have a ton of stuff then living in a micro apartment might not be for you. Unless, you have no problem parting ways with some of your belongings.

Nonetheless, there are some really good reasons as to why you should give micro-living in Seattle a go:

1. Rent = Less Expenses

Probably the best benefit of tiny living is that you immediately cut down on your cost. The rent itself can save you a chunk of money to help you save. Micro apartments have always been much cheaper than your average home or suite. You won’t have to spend as much on your apartment to decorate it or furnish it. Sometimes in Seattle, these micro apartments even come furnished when you rent them.

2. Maintenance = Spending Less Money

Another perk (My 2nd favorite) is that you won’t have to spend your money and time cleaning your whole space. Instead, just clean your tiny apartment and you’re good to go. There’s simply less space to take care of and less money to spend on it. If you’re anything like me, I don’t want to spend a full day cleaning…

3. Save Money = Spend It on Activities You Love

If you decide to live in a micro apartment in Seattle that’s for rent, then living in the city where the fun activity happens is another perk. You spend less time at your apartment and more outside roaming the city and taking advantage of the amenities of the city. Probably the best thing about Seattle is that it’s close proximity to the outdoor adventures and the mountains. People go out and about on weekends to have fun with their family or friends while having more time and money they save up due to low costs.

4. Save Time = Commuter Infrastructure

You might as well rent an apartment in the city closer to your work to save time as well as cut down your daily commute. People travel for an hour or two or maybe more to get to work. Wouldn’t it be better if you saved all that time and used it somewhere productive?

5. Intentional Purchasing and Smart Thinking

When you live in a rather small place, you tend not to buy useless or comparatively expensive items. You realize keeping tidy and clean is better than packing an apartment with items you don’t use. Such as, you won’t buy the coffee blender you saw at the market yesterday or you won’t bring in a new sofa when you already have one (or two, guilty!). If you ever buy something while living tiny, you’ll make some space for it if it’s that important and you’ll think twice before making the purchase decision.

6. Making new Friends/Neighbors

When you’re living in small units, you tend not to stay in too much. You may enjoy spending time in your small space, but some units come with outdoor areas. Lots of small apartments have a common space where you can run into neighbors and get to know them better. I’ve personally have met most of my neighbors in the built in laundry room.

Summing Up

Micro apartment in Seattle for rent

Living in a micro apartment in Seattle that’s for rent is a great option when you are looking for affordable housing. These micro apartments are a great option for those looking for low rents while enjoying the city’s urban lifestyle. I hope you have a better understanding on what to expect if you decide to live in a micro apartment in Seattle.