The Ultimate Guide for Small Condos Design

Small condos Design

Tips for small condos design – Aesthetically pleasing images of small apartments on Instagram and perfectly designed condos on Pinterest have inspired many to get up and redo their house. If that was not enough, popular home interior shows have also brought small home decor to the forefront of human consciousness and encouraged people to design their homes – no matter how big or small the space may be. Thus, stylishly designing your condo has become the new trend.

However, redoing your entire home can seem like an overwhelming job. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here is a simple guide to small condos design if you too want to uplift the look of your home!

What Is a Condo?

A condominium, or simply “condo,” is a privately owned individual apartment inside a larger community of units. Pools, garages, elevators, and outdoor halls and gyms, to mention a few, are shared common facilities that condo owners jointly own. While most condominiums are housed in high-rise buildings, detached condos are available in select markets.

You just have to worry about the interior of most condo projects. The remainder is taken care of by a professional management firm. There are no lawns to mow, flowerbeds to maintain, or driveways to shovel in small condos. Condos are also frequently less expensive. Plus, smaller space translates to a lower bill! Although, you will need to be aware of the monthly HOA fees that come with living in these type of properties.

13 Small Condo Design Tips for A Stylish Space

  1. Paint It White

Firstly, white walls can provide more than just the aesthetic for a clean bright room. They can drastically improve the space by providing an open feel. White interiors make your small condo’s design feel larger without compromising the warmth of earthy tones. You can create a subtle space by mixing clean white paint with natural hues in the furnishings. Stick to neutral palettes like tan leather, wood, and woven textures when it comes to color, with more vibrant touches reserved for artwork and decor.

  1. Embrace Natural Light

The use of light and sheer fabric for window coverings in small condos design lets more light in and makes the room look brighter. Say goodbye to your apartment’s blackout curtains and the old blinds that came with them. Sheer curtains or woven shades give plenty of seclusion without completely darkening your space. This is especially essential for windows that face south or west and receive direct natural light.

  1. Create Visual Height

Choose a white pendant light that won’t visually clutter the area if your ceilings are low. Even if you do not have any extra living space, adding visual height to a room will make it feel bigger. The space feels spacious from top to bottom since this light fixture merges into the ceiling. Moreover, you can make your walls look taller, by adding vertical design elements such as paneling, paint stripes, etc.

  1. Keep It Clear

Choose fine furnishings that can practically disappear in the room if the design of your small condo is very constrained. With their gleaming surfaces and sleek finishes, pieces made of glass, Lucite, and acrylic all lend a touch of sophistication. For a design that spruces up those difficult areas without sticking out against bright walls, pair transparent furniture with your favorite colorful decor and natural accessories.

  1. Indoor plantation

You don’t need a green thumb to add some lovely foliage to your home. Bring the outdoors inside by adding plants into your condominiums interior design. A space that lacks that lush, green views will feel dull and boring. If you’re not a plant parent, use fake plants in beautiful vases for a pop of color without any maintenance hassle.

6. Make Multi-Use Space

If you don’t have a separate home office, use creative decorations and storage to create a multi functional dining room and workplace. A nook in the living room corner may be used as a family dinner table or a comfy office bench. Creating multiple spaces into one is smart use of small condo floor plan.

(tip: Try Installing pendant lights and plush cushions to brighten the space.)

7. Store Higher, Not Wider

To arrange your books and optimize the height of your room, use wall-mounted storage in the design of your small condo. Double bookshelves with a white finish offer storage while providing a stylish, clean atmosphere in this home office. Add pops of greenery and natural tones throughout the shelves to pull the colors together for an overall dynamic effect.

8. Mount Lighting

Mount your lights directly on the walls to save room on side tables and other key surface spaces in the design of a small condo. It not only offers more space for plants and another décor (bye-bye, floor lights!), but it also gives it a sleek, modern appearance. Above the sofa, industrial sconces add a soothing, clean feel to the space.

9. Stay low

Your rooms will instantly feel more spacious and open if you choose furniture that is low to the ground. For example, a low-slung bed provides the illusion of height to your ceilings. With its textured sheets and patterned blanket, a floor bed retains all of its flairs, and the placement of a big white area rug against the wall will make it even better.

10. Keep The Floor Clear

Even the most beautifully designed tiny condominiums won’t work if you can’t walk about it. Floating items, such as shelving and nightstands, may help keep the ground clear of impediments while also providing extra storage space if needed. Instead of floor lamps, use sconces and wall lights. Also, avoid bulky furniture and invest in small multipurpose furniture.

11. Choose The Perfect Rug

In terms of size, a rug is the one item you don’t want to compromise on. A little rug can make the space feel even smaller. Choose a floor covering that is large enough to accommodate most of the furniture or go wall-to-wall.

12. Go bold 

It does not have to be a white box to make your small condo design feel spacious. You may still use bright colors and make the most of your tiny space. You can achieve a jewel box impression by using a deeper paint tone on the walls and ceiling.

13. A Gallery of Photos

Finally, gather your photos of your most favorite day (wedding, birthday, holiday) and place them in identical or similar frames. Hang the frames as a collection on a single wall such as entrance wall, feature wall in the living room, or the bedroom. Additionally, edit your pictures similarly to have a uniform aesthetic and balanced design.

Conclusion – Small Condos Design

When you find yourself annoyed, frustrated, and tied down by how unattractive your home looks, it usually means you need to redo the interior. However, getting rid of extra and useless things is not enough. To make your home feel and look more aesthetically pleasing, you should try the tips provided. So, if you have a small condo and don’t know how to make it look better, don’t worry. Use our small condos design suggestions to live large in a small condo. No matter which tip you choose from this article, the goal is to motivate yourself to take actionable and attainable steps towards a more beautiful condo!