Micro Condos Houston, Texas – What to know

Micro Condos Houston

Houston is one of the largest cities in the United States of America and of course like any other metropolitan city, there are a few pros and cons – which help you determine whether you should live there or not. Over the past few years, the demand for micro apartments and condos in Houston has increased at a very high rate. Owning a micro condo in Houston is the key to a simple, peaceful and convenient lifestyle without the burden of expensive rental costs. While you buy a condo in the city, the city has its perks and offers its people the ultimate city life experience. With that being said, living in a micro apartment in Houston can also be very challenging. So, today, we will talk about what it is like living in a micro condo in Houston.

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Why People Choose Micro Condos?

The trend of micro apartments and micro condos has been increasing in numbers in major cities such as New York, Seattle and now Houston. Owning a micro condo in Houston and living there within the city would be very much desirable. You have endless options – let it be shopping, dining, clubs, sports, etc.

These micro units are preferred mostly by the young singles who spend most of their time outside their homes, either working or enjoying the city nightlife. There has been a sudden spike in the buying and renting of micro condos in Houston over the years and no doubt all the young singles who work and study can only afford this much and get all the luxuries of a new furnished micro condo in Houston. On top of this, have fun in the city and enjoy all the perks.

This is the number one reason why people choose micro condos and why such housing is high in demand. These tiny apartments and condos fit perfectly for them as they don’t have to do much and fill it up with all the furniture and clean it every other day. A 300-500 square foot, luxurious well-designed condo might be the one for you to live in until you work hard and buy your dream house.

How Many People Can Live in a Micro Condo?

Ideally, a 400 sq. ft. apartment is suitable for a single person or maybe even a couple. It is very small and even the closet space is not big either. So, more than two people will not be able to live comfortably here. It provides sufficient size and space for a single person to live comfortably without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. Storage might be an issue but that can be easily solved. Be creative with storage and try to maximize it by adding extra cabinetry, shelves, hangers and storage units.

Also, avoid cluttering and filling the space. The cleaner and simpler you keep it, the better. Otherwise, your micro apartment can end up feeling very small. Pro tip: allow natural light to come in to open up the room and make it feel spacious and breathable.

Price of Micro Condos Houston

The pricings of the micro condos in Houston are on average $375.35 and can go up to $1800. Condos and apartments are also available for rent from as low as $100. So, it all comes down to location. Prime locations and premium neighbourhoods will definitely cost more. Whereas, you may find a much bigger accommodation in other parts of the cities.

Pros Of Living in Micro Condos

Downtown Houston
  • Affordable Housing

Texas is popular for its affordable housing as compared to California and New York. Although rents are at an all time high recently, micro condos remain unaffected. Micro condos Houston offers an affordable housing solution to people in the city’s best locations.

  • Low Maintenance

Micro condos are super easy to maintain and clean. As these apartments are only the size of an average room, there is not much cleaning to do. Just remember to declutter and keep things properly stored to avoid any mess.

  • Privacy

People who want to live alone but cannot afford to buy a separate house, move into micro condos. This way they pay a reasonable rent and get their own space and privacy.

  • Career Opportunities

Apart from the basic jobs in Houston, manufacturing, medical, energy and aerospace industries are on the top right now. And there are multiple job opportunities for the young singles looking to move here.

  • Outdoor Activities

There are many fun and educational activities in Houston. One will always find something to do in Houston, it might be a concert or a museum visit or even a sports event. One of the major sports played there is American Football.

  • City Life

There are events for every age, from fun fairs to concerts to zoos and aquariums. One of the most interesting places in Houston is the NASA Space Centre, thousands of people visit it every day and learn about the discoveries NASA has made over the years.

Cons Of Living in Micro Condos Houston

  • Weather

One of the cons of living in Houston is the weather there. One needs quite some time to adapt to the weather in Houston. The weather is very much unpredictable, it might be sunny one day and the next it’ll be raining cats and dogs. Due to the hot and humid weather most of the time, the city of Houston has a lot of mash lands and waterways and as a result it is a mating ground for mosquitoes. The mosquitoes here are a bit bigger in size and more aggressive than you will find anywhere else.

  • Space

This is perhaps the biggest issue of living in a micro condo: You never have enough space! You will always find yourself struggling to make room for things. So, it is best to start living a minimalist lifestyle. The less things you have, the easier it will become to store them.

  • Natural Disasters

Another con of living in Houston are the natural occurrences such as hurricanes on the coastal locations. The city faces natural disasters every now and then so if you plan to move there. You might want to invest in flood insurances and emergency disaster kits.

How To Decorate Micro Condos Houston?

Now when it comes to decorating a micro condo Houston, there are a few fundamental principles you must remember. You will have to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle while utilizing all nooks and crannies of your place. Storage will become your number one priority, so invest in good-quality storage bins, organizers, and furniture that can double as a storage box. You need to declutter regularly because pilling up stuff will soon end up in mess and clutter.

Also, if you can, get a custom-made bed according to your home. Many people are installing loft beds these days. This is an incredible hack for tiny studio apartments. If you have high ceilings then add a loft bed and a walk-in closet underneath.


Micro condos and apartments are widely popular these days but living in a small apartment comes with its own challenges. If you want to live in micro condos Houston, make smart choices and add functionality to your space. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above were helpful!