Turning One Room into An Apartment – What You Need to Know

Turning one room into an apartment seems impossible but it is very doable. Many people turn a room into an apartment for different reasons – including privacy, to rent it out, etc. If you also want to turn your single bedroom into a whole apartment, you are in the right place. Today we will tell you how you can turn your room into an apartment.

However, you should know that you can only turn a single room into a studio apartment. The size of a standard bedroom is between 120-200 square feet. So, in such a tight space you cannot fit any other room. Thus, you can turn your room into a studio apartment only.

Now, without further ado, let’s tell you how you can turn one room into an apartment without any hassle!

How To Turn One Room into An Apartment?

turning one room into an apartment

You will need to add certain components of a real rental unit to your room in order to transform it into an apartment. If you have the opportunity, choose a room with its own entrance or bathroom. Plants and a welcome mat may be used to create an entryway element for your door. You may even install a doorbell to give it the appearance of an apartment while also increasing your privacy. Add some home items, such as a tiny refrigerator and furniture that is not your bed. Make your own home office and a vanity space where you can get ready. Decorate your room as though it were an apartment.

How to convert a room into an apartment in 15 simple steps:

1. Select A Room That Meets Your Requirements.

If you have the choice of choosing a room inside the home, choose one that provides you with some autonomy and solitude. A bedroom with its own bathroom or separate entrance would be excellent for converting into an apartment of sorts.

2. Cleaning And Layout Planning

Make sure the space is tidy before you begin the makeover for your own peace of mind. Vacuuming every part of the room is a good idea since a clean environment is simpler to arrange.

3. Measuring the Square Footage

The next step is to measure the area, especially if you want to add furniture or other objects that will take up a lot of room. If possible, draw out the intended layout so you know precisely where to put everything.

4. Applying A Fresh Layer of Paint

If possible, give the room a fresh coat of paint, especially in a light, neutral hue that will make it appear larger. If painting is not an option, you may use removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper instead. Choose wallpaper that will make your space appear brighter and larger than it is.

5. Beautify Your Front Door

If you have your own entrance, make it as beautiful as possible. Outside your door, place a few potted plants for a welcoming atmosphere. You may also add a welcome mat as long as it does not get in the way of the door opening and shutting. You could also include a doorbell, because why not?

6. Construct Your Own Mini-Hall

Start by putting together your own shoe and coat racks to create a hall area that looks like one you will find in an apartment complex. Both you and anybody who might come to visit will need a place to put their shoes and jackets. You may even include a mirror in your fake hall area for that final check before leaving your improvised room.

7. Add the Right Seating Furniture

Another tip for turning one room into an apartment would be to use a couch or two to set up the living room space, depending on the size of your room. To make the sofa livelier and comfier, add some colorful throw pillows or cushions. A huge armchair, a variety of floor cushions, or even some luxury bean bags can be used in place of a sofa.

8. A Coffee Table That May Be Used to Store a Variety of Goods

Place a sleek coffee table in front of the seating area to accommodate remote controls, drinks, coffee table books, magazines, ornamental knickknacks, and anything else that fits on the table’s surface or in the little compartments. Because the coffee table is often the focal point of the living area, it should be as attractive as possible. Add some scented candles as a final touch for a relaxing and pleasant ambiance.

9. Add A Television to Your Multi-Functional Dresser.

Consider purchasing a television as well as other electronic devices such as a stereo or a VCR. Place your TV and other gadgets on top of your 6-drawer dresser to use as an entertainment center. Multiple-purpose furniture, such as a dresser, may help you make the most of a small area.

 10. A Location to Dispose of Rubbish

Invest in a small garbage can if you do not already have one. Use it to dispose of the rubbish that will eventually gather.

11. Layout Of the Bed

Avoid putting your bed and couch against the same wall since it will make your home appear claustrophobic. Instead, place the furniture on opposing ends of the room to create a separation between the living and sleeping areas.

You may position your bed in an alcove or a large walk-in closet if you have one in your room. You may have to sacrifice a large bed and a headboard, but by relocating your sleeping location, you will have gained significantly more room.

12. A Chest of Drawers and A Wardrobe

If you do not have a built-in wardrobe or have limited storage space, adding a freestanding wardrobe is an alternative. Apart from your clothing, the wardrobe may be used to store a number of other objects that might otherwise clog up your space.

13. For The Allocated Kitchen Space, A Mini-Fridge or A Mini-Kitchen Cabinet

Install a mini-fridge in the kitchen or buy a mini-kitchen cabinet that can hold a microwave, your utensils, and some snacks. This little kitchenette will be enough to provide all the necessary functionality.

14. Get Your Bathroom in Order

If you have private access to a bathroom, double-check that everything is in order (towels, toiletries). Also, check if there are any plumbing concerns and have them resolved before you “move in”.

 15. Check the Locks

Now that the room is no longer a room and an apartment, check for the door lock. You will need proper front door locks to secure the premises and avoid any intrusion. You are now good to go into your new small and cosy apartment!

Conclusion – Turning one room into an apartment

Once you grow to a certain age, you cannot live with your parents forever because everyone needs space and privacy. If moving out is not an option due to money constraints or any other issue, you can turn your room into an apartment. We mentioned 15 practical and convenient steps to help you transform a room into an apartment. You can also do this to rent it out and get some extra income. Well, no matter why you want to turn a room into an apartment, just follow the steps mentioned above and you will be good to go! We hope these tips help you with turning one room into an apartment!

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