Easy Urban Apartment Decorations – 10 Easy Ideas

This article will entail 10 urban apartment decorations ideas. Urban living is about enjoying city life – morning coffee run, meeting friends at a cafe, post-work drinks at a bar, etc. But all of this comes at a cost, and the best way to enjoy an urban lifestyle without breaking your bank is to save on rent/mortgage! Thus, many people choose to live in apartments.

As micro-living grows, the demand for apartments has also increased. Moreover, this has encouraged interior designers to develop unique and creative ideas to decorate small spaces. While choosing interior options for an urban studio apartment, one can be conflicted between expressing personal taste and managing the tiny space. We will tell you how you can achieve the two without compromising much on either.

Choose A Theme

First and foremost, decide on a central theme so that the entire décor looks cohesive and well thought. These days, some of the most trending themes are boho, industrial, mid-century modern, rustic, Scandinavian, and minimalistic styles. If you want to play it safe, go with the themes that never seem to go out of style, like oriental, classic, bohemian and contemporary.

Now that you have picked a general theme for your apartment, here are a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your space and give it a unique look.

10 Urban Apartment Decoration Ideas

Urban Apartment Decorations

Here are some fantastic urban apartment decoration ideas for you to try:

1. Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are a perfect blend of style and functionality. They slide under each other, saving up space, and when in use, they can add plenty of room to keep things on. There are so many options available in the market, from the classic wooden ones to the newer black metallic. You can choose any style according to your taste and the overall theme of your home. For ideas and inspiration, check out Pinterest!

2. Modular Furniture

Having Modular furniture is a growing trend as it allows you to customize the setting of your furniture according to your personal needs. Thus, allowing you to repurpose the furniture as per the requirements of your space.  Since apartments usually have small rooms, modular furniture can add a lot of functionality without cramping the space.

3. Add Angles

Another great urban apartment decorations idea is to make a bland space more attractive and exciting, add angles. For example, herringbone patterns on floors, walls, or backsplash can add a dimension and create the illusion of a more expansive space. It also looks interesting and goes well with any look from classic to contemporary. Another way of adding angles is by painting a corner in a triangular form; this can add depth to the area, making it appear more spacious. Start adding patterned and textured pillows, rugs, and wall art if you want to keep it subtle.

4. Color Palette

Colors play a vital role in interior design. Using the right colors can completely transform and elevate any space. It is up to you whether you want to go for warm earthy tones or cool fluorescent hues in your apartment, but darker shades of either of these colors can bring a dull, gloomy, and compacted look. So go for lighter shades of color to make your space look more open, welcoming, and breathable. Deep natural jewel shades are the IT color trend of 2021 when it comes to interior design.

5. Avoid Messy Prints

First of all,  messy, multicolor, and large prints don’t look pretty, and on top of it, they can make your space look cluttered and unappealing. So they are an absolute NO! Instead, interior designers prefer geometrical patterns as they are trending and they look more sophisticated. While picking up a sofa or any other piece of furniture, always choose symmetrical and geometrical seams over the curvy and rounded ones. Circular patterns tend to look bulky, occupy more space, and don’t look as flattering as compact furniture. In contrast, geometrical patterns add a lot of structure and finesse. They create a seamless look and make the room look visually appealing. If geometrical prints are not your thing, go for texture. Use textured fabrics, textured wallpaper, or textured furniture.

6. Play With Lighting

In a small space, lighting can really help take the mood and ambiance to the next level. There are plenty of false ceiling options available with a light source underneath that can give a lovely contemporary feel to your place. If you have short ceilings, an attractive modern chandelier over the dining space can instantly uplift the mood of the whole room. Pendulum lights over the kitchen counter or the dining area are another great way of adding the oomph factor to your place.

7. Add Glass And Mirror

This one is a no-brainer, and it works every time without fail. The glass top on a dining table or your coffee table brings an illusion of space to your tiny space. Mirrors reflect light and hence are perfect for adding light and space to a tiny apartment. A small mirror may not do the job as well as a full-length mirror would. Interior designers prefer a full length right at the entrance to give an uber-chic look. If you live in a studio apartment, you can also use glass dividers to create segregation without completely closing up the room. But remember, don’t ever overdo the mirrors because that will take your apartment from trendy to tacky.

8. Dining Benches

If you have kids or frequently have guests over, dining benches can be a great addition to your space. They can seat multiple people at a time, and when not in use, you can slide it under the table, and voila! This is an incredible hack for apartments as it allows you to set up a dining space without having a formal dining room. Plus, it saved up space, looks modern, and is much cheaper than formal dining chairs.

9. Add Greenery

No matter how small of a space you have got, greenery is a must-have. It adds a soothing effect to the eyes and brings life into a dull, congested space. Add Tall planters in your living room and a few smaller pots in the kitchen and bathroom to make the space feel lively. Plants add a touch of nature to an urban apartment. So, if you want a zen vibe, then invest in some low-maintenance house plants!

10. Vertical Shelving/Floating Shelves

Shelving is a must-have in an apartment as it adds storage, and there’s never enough storage in apartments! Vertical shelves allow you to use every corner in your apartment in a functional yet aesthetic way. If you get a glass or transparent vertical shelf, it can be even better. It will provide a place for storage and display décor at the same time. Floating shelves can be placed anywhere, above your kitchen countertop, over your bathroom seat, or next to your TV unit.

Conclusion – Urban Apartment Decorations

So, there you have it. These top 10 urban apartment decoration ideas will help you set up your home without compromising space or functionality. So, go ahead and decorate your apartment like a pro to make it aesthetically pleasing.