Cheapest Ways to Furnish Apartment on a Budget

Moving to a new apartment may be costly; in addition to rent, you will have to pay for utilities, deposits, and other charges. Furniture and décor are two areas where you can permanently save money. If you move frequently or just want to save money, you do not have to give up living in a comfortable and well-decorated house. Check out this guide if you want to save money but are unsure how to figure out the cheapest ways to furnish apartment on a budget.

Budgeting Furnishing Cost

After buying the house, if your monthly budget is $3000, increase it by three to reach $9000. This is the amount you should aim to have in savings when you move in to cover any unforeseen expenditures. During the first round, you should spend whatever money you have leftover on furnishings.

Allow yourself to buy a basic set of furnishings for the next room whenever your savings reach the three-month threshold again. Plus, another way to budget for furniture is by listing down all the basics like bed, sofa, mattress, storage unit and coffee table. Once you have dedicated a budget to the basics, you can spend the rest on extras like cushions, a night stand, study table, etc.

9 Cheapest Ways to Furnish Apartment

Here are the top 8 cheapest ways to furnish an apartment without spending too much!

1. Only Buy Basics       

Cheapest Ways to Furnish Apartment

Of course, this one is self-explanatory. If you have recently moved into a new apartment, you know how tough it can be to find furnishings to make your place a home. It is better to start with a small number of pieces and gradually add more as time goes on. It is usually a good idea to start with the essentials for day-to-day life such as bed, sofa, coffee table and mattress. As time goes on gradually add other components to your house.

2. Get Pre-Loved Furniture           

Cheapest Ways to Furnish Apartment-sofa

You may be tempted to buy second-hand furniture for various reasons, but the cost is generally the most appealing factor. The majority of consumers purchase pre-owned products to save money. Given the high cost of new furniture, buying quality pre-owned items can save you a lot of money. Items like bookshelves and display cabinets, for example, can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making them an excellent choice for second-hand furniture. You can find some great pieces on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and other online platforms.

3. Source EBay and Craigslist

Cheapest Ways to Furnish Apartment Ebay and Craiglist

The kind of furniture ads you will see on ebay or craigslist may differ depending on where you are. You might wish to look in adjacent cities or villages. People regularly migrating to big cities and their suburbs make it simple to find excellent discounts on practically new items from popular furniture manufacturers. Antiques and unusual objects that have been stored in someone’s attic for a few generations are more likely to be found in rural regions at throw away prices.

4. Get Creative and Upcycle          

Upcycle furniture

Many times, the old furniture that we discard may be recycled or reused. When gathering goods to trash away or recycle, investigate whether there is a method to upcycle them. Upcycling is the process of reusing an object to make it more valuable than before. You can give old furniture or items a new life by upcycling them. Change the upholstery, get a carpenter to turn a table into a stool, etc.

Whether you are moving into a new home or remodeling your present living space, buying furniture can be costly. So, before you go out and buy a new couch or table, have a look around your house for stuff you no longer use. You may turn your old luggage into a coffee table. You can also find great pieces on Etsy.

5. Get Multipurpose Furniture           

Multi functional furniture

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a huge single-family house, making the most of your space is always a good idea. Multi functional furniture provides a winning combination of adaptability, function, and elegance. It allows every square foot of your house to perform as if it were twice — or even three times — its size.

Wall beds, transforming tables, compact seats, and clever storage solutions all fall under the umbrella of multifunctional furniture. It also is a great hack to save up on money. Because, instead of spending on different furniture pieces, you can buy one that works in multiple ways. For example, you can get a convertible coffee table that works as a storage unit as well as a study table. This way you get 3 uses for the price of one!

6. Buy Cheap Houseplant          


Is your love of houseplants steadily draining your bank account? It does not have to because expensive greenhouses and boutique plant shops are no longer the only places to buy plants. Many internet shops are selling high-quality houseplants at rock-bottom rates, and you don’t even have to leave your house to do it. Instead of paying $20, you can obtain a massive collection of these low-maintenance plants for the same price if you order online. There’s also no need to go to a nursery; you can get almost any plant you can imagine online, and many stores provide plants and delivery services.

7. Garage Sales           

Garage Sale - Cheapest Ways to Furnish Apartment

A garage sale is an informal gathering in which private persons sell old things without seeking business licenses or paying sales tax. Typically, the things for sale during a garage sale are unwanted household belongings, and the household’s owners conduct the sale. The products are in various states of repair, but they are typically helpful. Old clothing, books, toys, household decorations, lawn and garden tools, sports equipment, and board games are everyday items offered at garage sales. Larger goods, such as furniture and household appliances, are occasionally offered.

8. Discover Timeless Gems at a Thrift Store

Thrift store shopping

Gone are the days when thrift stores were associated with old furniture, antiques, and low-cost jewelry. Now, if you go in with enough patience and perseverance, you are likely to walk away with a lot more money than you paid at the register. Few things in this world can compare to the excitement of the quest after years of continuously wandering down the aisles of these second-hand shops in search of buried treasure. It’s simply that thrilling! So, pay a visit to your nearest thrift store and be ready to find some stunning pieces for cheap.

9. Warehouse Sales


Many interior and furniture manufacturers hold warehouse sales where you can buy high quality products at very affordable costs. You might have to wait in the line for 30-45 minutes but it is totally worth it. So, search up google for nearby warehouse sales and plan a trip to find some great pieces to furnish your apartment.

Summing Up – Cheapest ways to furnish apartment

Create the ideal apartment that matches your individuality to make the most of your city living journey. You may convert that little flat into a sanctuary by being resourceful with your money and employing some tried-and-true interior design strategies. Stop fretting about over spending because these 9 hacks will help you get the best value for the buck!