How Many People Are Allowed to Live in A Two Bedroom Apartment?

Are you wondering how many people a two-bedroom apartment can accommodate? Finding the right size home is one of the most important aspects of apartment hunting. Most people don’t know, but there are general guidelines for max capacity. This means you need to know how many can legally live in a specific unit size. Lets find out how many people are allowed to live in a two-bedroom apartment.

How Many People can Live in A Two Bedroom Apartment?

How Many People Are Allowed to Live in A Two Bedroom - Local Law

This is not a simple answer because government (Federal, State, and local) can impact the number of occupants allowed in a residence.

Based on general guidelines, a minimum of four people can accommodate a two-bedroom apartment. Different state regulations have different laws, but a minimum of two occupants per bedroom is allowed. The guidelines on consequences or no consequences also differ by State pending on the jurisdiction. You’ll have to investigate the local laws for the area you are going to move in.

● Occupancy Equation

Based on the Occupancy equation, a minimum of five people are allowed to live in a two-bedroom apartment. This is based on the equation that two people should be allowed per bedroom plus one. Similarly, three people can live in a two-bedroom apartment, and seven people can live in a three-bedroom apartment.

Basic Floor Plan of a Two Bedroom Apartment

The basic floor plan of a two-bedroom apartment consists of a kitchen, one full bathroom, living room and two bedrooms. Now, the size of the apartment determines whether you get bonus spaces or not. For example, bigger square footage may give you walk-in closets, balcony, dining, game room, bar, wine room, etc. So, ultimately the floor plan of your apartment will depend on the size of the property. The smaller the area, the less extra space you will have in your apartment.

Is A Two Bedroom Apartment Comfortable?

How Many People Are Allowed to Live in A Two Bedroom - Comfort

After investigating how many people can legally live in a two-bedroom apartment, you must consider comfort. In most cases, comfort comes first. Also, it is relative to each family. Family of four may find a two-bedroom apartment small. While at the same time, another family of four may find it reasonable accommodation. Why?

  • Size of the apartment – Apart from the number of rooms, we must also consider the total size of the apartment. This can significantly determine whether you feel comfortable or cramped. If the apartment is small or less than 1000 square feet, then the rooms will be very small too. In this case a two-bedroom apartment will be more suitable and comfortable for 2-3 people.
  • Number of bathrooms – On the other hand, the number of bathrooms is also a significant aspect of comfort. You’ll need to consider if your family will need 1 or 2 bathrooms. A two-bedroom apartment with only one bathroom will not be comfortable for a family of 4 or more.

All in all, whether the two-bedroom apartment is comfortable for you depends upon various factors and varies from person to person.

Can A Landlord Limit the Number of Occupants?

This is a concern for those who want to rent a two-bedroom apartment. Since the landlord owns the property, he has a right to limit the total number of occupants allowed in the rental unit. But the limitation must be in compliance with All Federal, State, and local housing laws and guidelines.

As two people per bedroom are standard occupancy, no landlord should have a problem with that. In case a landlord has set a lower number, it is still very difficult to justify it legally. According to certain guidelines, a landlord cannot discriminate between familial status either. For example, if a couple living in a one-bedroom apartment wants to have a baby, the landlord will not have the authority to deny the application as the family grows.

Moreover, if the apartment has extra space, they can also be considered extra bedrooms when necessary. A landlord may consider the entire size of the apartment to establish the max occupancy level.

At What Age Is a Child Considered an Occupant?


This is for those wondering if infants are also included as occupants as they do not take up much space. Regardless of how big or small your child is, children of all ages are considered legal occupants. However, the landlord still does not have any authority to discriminate against familial status. After moving in, the landlord cannot charge extra rent or evict when a family has another baby.

Who Should Live in A Two Bedroom Apartment?

Typically, a two-bedroom apartment is considered a decent size for a family of 4. Moreover, college students can also occupy a two-bedroom house and live as roommates. Many people also share apartments with friends to divide the rent and other utility bills.

As stated earlier, 5 people can also legally occupy a two-bedroom apartment. However, there is no hard and fast rule whether less or more than that can accommodate or not. So, this question does not have a fixed answer. In short, anyone can live in a two-bedroom apartment – whether it is a single person, a couple, roommates or a family.

● Single Person

A single person can get a two bed apartment (if he can afford it). Generally single people prefer studio apartments or a one bed apartment. However, if you are someone who frequently gets friends or family over to stay then a two-bedroom house is more appropriate. You can use the other spare bedroom as a guest bedroom.

● Couple

Since couples share a bedroom, there is no actual need to get a two bed apartment. However, if you are planning to grow a family or expecting a baby then a two bed apartment will be more suitable. You can use the other bedroom as a nursery. If you’re not planning for a baby, it can be used as a guest room or office. An extra room is a great opportunity and you can use that extra space to make it whatever you want!

● Roommates

A group of friends often rent an apartment together to split the cost of living. You can get a two bedroom house and share it with friends. If you don’t mind sharing a room, you can also have at least two more people living with you. This is a great hack for students and young people trying to build a life. If you’re income is low, this helps with not having to bear all the expenses on your own. Split the rent, utilities and other expenses with your roommates! You can find a roommate in your area at

Conclusion – How Many People Are Allowed to Live in A Two Bedroom

As more and more people move to the city, the need for apartments has skyrocketed. That’s why there are new high rise apartment buildings and complexes on every block now. If you’re thinking of moving into a two bedroom apartment, you should know how many people it can comfortably accommodate. Consider the total square footage and number of bathrooms you’ll need. This will help decide whether or not a two bedroom apartment is right for you. We hope you found the answer to how many people are allowed to live in a two bedroom apartment.