Couple Living in Studio Apartment

If you want to move in with your significant other in a studio apartment, you are in the right place. Living in a Studio apartment is challenging on its own but imagine sharing that cramped space with another person. Couples living in a studio apartment know what we are talking about. Studio Apartments can be hard to transform into a living space, if not done right, you can easily become very cramped, cluttered, and claustrophobic. Moreover, living in a small apartment with your partner also means less personal space and magnifies each other’s bad habits. With that being said, living together makes you more intimate and helps you save up on rent.  

Here are some pros and cons of living in a studio apartment that all couples should know before making the big move!  

Pros – Couple living in Studio Apartment  

Couple Living in Studio Apartment
  1. Easy to Maintain  

Since studio apartments are small, it is easy to decorate and maintain the space. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on big furniture and decoration pieces. Style it stylishly with multi-functional furniture to save both space and money. Buy smart furniture such as convertible beds, expanding shelves, hidden drawers, etc.  

  1. Low-Cost Living  

Low rental cost is one of the biggest advantages of living with your partner in a studio apartment. Studio apartments already have very low rent as compared to houses, so splitting the rent with your partner further allows you to save up on the cost. So, you can enjoy urban living with minimal rental costs.  

  1. Energy Efficient 

Studio partners are small in size, so the utility bills are also cheaper because you consume less power. Studio apartments quickly cool down in summers and heat up in the winters. In short, the overall cost of living in a studio apartment is low for couples.  

  1. Easy To Clean Up  

Two people living in a studio apartment mean, double the mess. However, it is easy to clean up and requires little to no effort. A thorough weekly clean-up will keep your apartment sparkly clean. Nowadays, there are high-tech robot vacuum cleaners available for studio apartments. These automatic robot cleaners clean every inch of the floor plan, without you having to lift a finger! 

  1. More Shared Space  

As studio apartments have a limited floor plan, you and your partner have more than just the bedroom to share. This allows you to be more intimate with your partner and brings you closer. You can spend more quality time together and enjoy the charm of living in a small space.  

  1. You Split Chores  

Another benefit of living with your partner is that you no longer have to do all the chores yourself. Split the house chores with your partner equally. And, since studio apartments are already easy to clean, sharing the responsibilities with your partner makes it all the more convenient.  

Cons – Couple Living in Studio Apartment  

Couple Living in Studio Apartment
  1. No Privacy  

Since studio apartments have one big space, there is little to no privacy. So, if you have any visitors your bedroom remains exposed. To avoid this issue, you can segregate the bedroom space from the rest of the apartment through a divider. You can use glass dividers, wooden panels, curtains, metallic shelves, or a sliding/barn door to create some privacy for your bedroom.  

  1. Less Breathing Space  

Couples living in studio apartments have to compromise on their personal privacy. Since there is not much breathing space, you may feel overwhelmed. To avoid feeling suffocated, you can create separate individual spaces to give each other some space. This segregation will allow you to appreciate each other’s company more.  

  1. Less Living Space  

Studio apartments have a small floor plan, so dividing the living space to accommodate both the partner’s needs can be challenging. You have to smartly design the floor plan to make the most of the small living space. Make sure that both you and your partner get the dedicated spaces you need.  

  1. Magnifies Bad Habits  

When you are living in a tight space with your partner, it magnifies the bad habit. Sometimes it can be frustrating and triggering and may result in disagreements. So, the partners should share their concerns and communicate effectively to avoid any differences and dissent.  

  1. Not Having Enough Closet Space  

One of the most annoying aspects of living in a studio apartment with your partner is not having enough closet space. Trying to fit both your clothes into a tiny wardrobe can be very hard. You can resolve this problem by customizing your closets. Think of space-savvy cabinets, racks, and shelves to maximize the closet space as much as you can. This will help you manage the closet space to fit both you and your partner’s clothes.  

Should Couples Live in Studio Apartment?  

Micro living is the new trend. A lot of millennials and couples today prefer studio apartments because they offer a minimalistic lifestyle and the luxury of urban living without the heavy costs. However, sharing a small space with your partner can be a total nightmare if you have different routine, contrasting habits and lots of clothes!  

Imagine you go to bed early but your partner stays watching TV till 2 am? Now, wouldn’t that be annoying? Plus, there is no individual privacy. So, should couples live in a studio apartment? Well, depends. Before moving in together, comminate your expectations, be honest about your bad habits and discuss the pros and cons with each other. Move in together only once you are both satisfied with the decision!  

Conclusion – Couple Living in Studio Apartment

In the old days, studio apartments were not deemed fit for a couple. But nowadays, studio apartments offer affordable living for young couples – especially minimalists. Thus, more and more couples now adore small space living to keep up with their urban lifestyle. This article talks about the pros and cons of living in a studio apartment with your partner. Hopefully, the information above will help you decide whether or not couples should live in a studio apartment.