LA Studio Apartment Tour

Jose gives us an LA studio apartment tour in a unit he has lived in for approximately 2 years. The location of this unit is in Echo Park in the heart of Los Angeles, California. This is 5 minutes north-west of Downtown LA.

 Jose is in a single-story apartment that was built about 100 years ago. There are many century-old buildings in this area. Most of them have been renovated in the past 10 years since Echo Park’s economy boomed. 

Jose is in a prime location where entertainment is endless. His apartment is surrounded by bars, small restaurants, Echo Park lake, Dodger Stadium, and a prime spot for filming. Furthermore, he can take a quick ride share and be in Downtown LA in 5 minutes.  

The price for this studio apartment is currently valued at $1200, which by location standards, is a steal.  


LA studio apartment tour

First, Jose takes us up the stairs and walks us into his unit where you first see the living space. You quickly realize that it doesn’t look like a normal studio because there is no bed in sight. He explains to us that it is not his bedroom because he has his bed located somewhere else.  

Living Space 

Inside the living space you’ll find a sofa, coffee table, chair, and his entertainment system. There are sliding doors for his closet in this space. 

The sofa is big and can be used to sleep in. Jose explains that it’s big enough to have friends over and sleep on it. He’s also used it to crash on it as well when he gets tired when watching television.  

This living space is nothing different than any other living space you’ll find in a bigger unit. Surprisingly, for a studio, this doesn’t really feel like a studio apartment. 

Kitchen – Small Studio Kitcen

Next, Jose takes us into his kitchen area behind his living space. It’s not a big kitchen but its functional. It has enough space to fit a full-sized fridge, stove, and a small dining table.  

Jose utilizes Ikea furniture to store his dry food items. He purchased a small rolling storage table to keep most of his food and spices in them.   

Furthermore, in the corner of the kitchen you’ll find Jose’s dining area. He describes it as his dining/work area. It only allows on person to sit in it, and it works for him. 

Behind the small table, Jose shows us a bookcase that is utilized to store books and miscellaneous items. This is a great hack to keep the kitchen organized and save space.  

Bathroom – Tiny buy functional

Jose then takes us to his full bathroom. He installed surface storage space above the toilet to gain more storage space in the small bathroom. In the video he explains how this helps him tremendously as the small restroom doesn’t have much storage space our cabinets. 

Closet – Make the best of it

Lastly, this is where it takes a twist. Jose has masterfully converted his closet space into a bedroom. Moreover, the closet is big enough to squeeze a full-sized bed. That is all that can fit in the closet.  

Luckily for Jose, the living space has closet space, so he was able turn the dedicated larger closet into his bedroom. Therefore, this makes his studio apartment into a 1 Bedroom apartment because of the 2 dedicated spaces.  

Conclusion – LA Studio Apartment Tour

Jose was able to snatch a beautiful small unit in the heart of a desired location. The price range is perfect for the area he is in. With the amenities surrounding him and the creativity in laying out his apartment, this is a win for him. 

As you can see, with a little creativity you can make a small space feel comfortable and welcoming.