Unique 300 sq ft Brooklyn Studio Tour

Jules humbly takes us into a 300 sq ft Brooklyn Studio Tour in New York. She recently moved from a smaller space, but this apartment still fits our theme for small scale living. She is living in a studio with a significant other.

Jules Youtube Channel

Entrance – 300 sq ft Studi

When you walk in the front door, Jules shows us her shopping cart hanging behind her entrance door. This is a great way to save space while storing bulky items.

Installing hooks on walls is a great way to keep lose items organized. Jules explains how she does this by hanging her keys, masks, and miscellaneous items on the hooks. This prevents any lose items from being misplaced which doesn’t work in small apartments.

Kitchen – Brooklyn

Jules shows us her kitchen and it comes with most standard appliances. Her kitchen has a country/cottage vibe going with how it is decorated. This small space unit has a full-sized fridge, oven and stove, storage, and plenty of space for a small 2 seat dining table. She can work with this space and give it a unique style.

For example, she uses a fruit basket and hangs it to give more space on the counter surfaces. She also has plants on it to give it nice aesthetics.

Also, she shows us a creative zone above kitchen cabinets. She was able to fit many books and plants to make it look welcoming. This changes the vibe inside her kitchen.

Furthermore, she has hanging Cutting board placed on the wall, so she again saves counter space. This is very smart if you can hang utensils or small appliance on an empty wall.

Finally, her incredibly unique and important portable butcher block. This is what she calls her “hack” and it can be used as extra surface space and storage space under the surface. She does a great job in finding ways to save space by utilizing empty spaces to fill.  

Living Space – Studio Tour

Jules takes us to her elegant living space which includes a desk, small sofa, TV stand, bed, and a drawer. She cleverly arranges all these items in her living space to work for her. In the video you can see the clean white look is what she is going for. It happens to work very well.

For example, Jules has storage underneath her desk to make sure all the empty space under is being utilized. This is important when you lack space. Furthermore, her TV stand, is very slim. She doesn’t have a bulky stand and it allows ample walk through space between the couch and TV.

Her bed is placed at the far end of the unit with a drawer cabinet and a full-sized mirror. Jules uses the drawer cabinet surface as her personal desk space when her partner is using the desk. This shows how anyone can utilize furniture in different ways.

The full-sized mirror compliments the space and helps reflect the outside light by the window. This is a great hack to distribute natural light into darker areas.

Furthermore, another hack she shows us is the floating corner shelves that are located on both sides of the bed. This is great way of making space for the little things that you may need by your bed. Above the bed she installed a floating shelf that goes across the bed for more storage surface.

Bathroom – Tour

Entering the bathroom Jules explains how she was not fond of the floor that it came with. Furthermore, she creatively purchased $70 worth of pealing stick tiles to cover the original floor. This is a huge update to give it a better look and aesthetics.

The rest of the restroom is small but functional with a full-zed tub, toilet, and sink. This is standard in a small apartment.

Closet – Brooklyn Studio Tour

The small apartment has a closet, but Jules does not go into detail in the dimensions and size. However, she does inform us that it is big enough for what she needs.

Balcony/Fire Escape

Lastly, Jules shows us her small fire escape that she is using as a mini balcony. She laid out a rug and placed a chair to have a space she can get fresh air from.

Conclusion – 300 sq ft Brooklyn Studio Tour

Jules does a great job and utilizing her space as much as possible for the small amount of square footage. Her hacks are clever, and this is what it is all about when living in small spaces. She proves how one can make a small space livable comfortable. Jules does a great job at making a 300 sq ft apartment feel much bigger.