7 Items you don’t need while living in a small space

In this video Caira informs us about 7 Items you don’t need while living in a small space. She moved in to her small space from a bigger house where she accumulated a lot of items. She went from having separate spaces for her dining, living, kitchen, and bedroom items, to having only one room to fit everything.

Caira explains how important it is to change your mind set when moving from a bigger space to a much smaller space.

For example, in a bigger space you have designated areas for each living space (living room, bed room, kitchen, garage, etc..) and you tend to fill them up. In a smaller space you need to maximize your organization to fit everything.

You need to plan accordingly and make sure you are prepared to minimize your furniture.

Here are 7 Items you don’t need while living in a small space:

1 – Dining Table

7 Items you don't need while living in a small space

Although, Caira does acknowledge the importance of owning a dining table, you do not need one if you live alone. You may want to have a table if you have guests over regularly or live with another person. But if you are living alone and have limited space, you don’t need a table to take up space.

Alternatively, a couch or coffee table can be a better solution if you lack the space.

Most of us are guilty of spending all our time eating in front of entertainment. Caira is not the only one who likes to eat her meal in front of a TV or laptop computer. If you fall under this category, you can get away with not having a table.

Side Note: Most smaller units come with bar style countertops in the kitchen. This can be used as an eating area and help save square footage in your apartment. Another possible solution could be a rolling/portable coffee table.  

2 – Desk

Although Caira does have a desk in her small space, she realized she uses her build-in kitchen countertop as a desk instead. If you have a countertop, you’re in luck, ditch the desk…

Caira explains how she had a desk and realized she never used it. Her desk ended up becoming surface storage and was not being utilized as what it was intended for. Although, she does emphasize the importance on separating your work environment with the rest of your space. If this is not an issue, reconsider owning a desk.

3 – Kitchen Gadgets

In these modern times, kitchen gadgets are abundant. For example, you can own 2-3 different appliances just to make coffee.

Caira explains how even though she likes to cook, she had to limit her appliances. It did not make sense for her to have a crockpot, rice cooker, and a pressure cooker, when she can use an instapot to do everything she needed. Finding an appliance that can do 2-3 functions in 1 is beneficial when you are limited in space.

Prioritize the kitchen gadgets that makes sense for you and your lifestyle while ditching the appliances that can be consolidated to an all in one appliance.

4 – Microwave

As Caira points out in the video, this one is up for debate. Some people use nothing but their microwave. If you do not cook from your oven or stovetop, keep the microwave. For those who never touch it or do not use it to reheat food, you do not need to keep a microwave.

Caira challenges you to try and see if you can live without a microwave. For example, if your small space has a stove top and an oven in the kitchen, start utilizing them as they should be. Furthermore, you may come to realize that you do not need to own a microwave when you already have the tools to reheat your food.

Side Note: Some units may not come with a stove top or oven. In this case, getting a 2 in 1 conventional toaster oven can be a better solution than a microwave for reheating and cooking purposes.

5 – Decorative pillows

You don't need extra pillows

The point of decorative pillows is to make an empty space look full. They can even make a room feel overwhelming with the space they take up. This would be counterintuitive if you are trying to make your small space feel bigger.

Having 2-3 decorative pillows is not a deal breaker when they are on a couch. The problem is when you put them on your bed and your bed is visible from every angle/space of your apartment. When you go to sleep you have to move them out of the way. This may be a problem in your small space that has no room for extra pillows to be stored.

Caira’s expresses that she does not like her bed to appear full of clutter. A clean looking bed can make a small apartment look bigger. Therefore, get rid of or do not buy extra decorative pillows.

6 – Bedding

Get rid of the sheets

Extra bedding can take up a lot of storage space. While living in a smaller apartment, you do not need to own a second set of bedding. This is also depending on where you live where local climate may require more or thicker bed sheets.

7 – Exercise Equipment

Too much for little space

It is great to stay active and be mindful of your physical health. There are places dedicated to achieve this. A small apartment should not be the place to store exercise equipment.  

Many apartment buildings have a gym and you should utilize it if exercising is part of your life. You do not need to clutter up your small living space to achieve or maintain your physical health.

Caira explains how it is important for you to go look at an apartment complex and see if they have a gym. If being in physical shape is important, you need to investigate and find out what will work for you before you sign a lease. Alternatively, you should get a membership at a local gym.

Conclusion – 7 Items you don’t need while living in a small space

In conclusion, having a small space means you need to maximize the utilization of all the square footage available to you. Clutter is your enemy, and your goal should be to limit any items that you do not need while living in a small space. There are many alternative solutions out there and Caira’s video helps explain what worked for her and can possibly work for you. We hope these 7 Items you don’t need while living in a small space makes it easier to live comfortably whether you’re lving alone or living with someone else.