70 Sq Ft New York Apartment tour

Keeping with our small-scale living theme, Nyasia C takes us a 70 Sq Ft New York Apartment tour. She advertises the apartment being 70 sq feet in the heart of Downtown Greenwhich Village. This unit is located on the 5th floor of a multi floored building.

As Nyasia enters , you can hear the shock when she realizes how tiny the apartment is in person. However, the small apartment does come with new paint, floors, and features that may negate the size of the room.

Nyasia measure the room with her measuring tape and confirms the size of the apartment. The result is 6’8” x 10’ which is approximately 70 sq feet.

Walking in from the main entry, you can see the whole apartment immediately. First thing that catches her eye is the natural lighting. The decent sized window allows light to illuminate the room.

70 Sq Ft New York Apartment tour:

70 Sq Ft New York Apartment tour

Kitchen Space

The unit comes with a small-scale kitchen, as there is no room to fit a full-size kitchen. It has 2 cook tops, a sink, and a mini fridge to keep perishables cool. Unfortunately, the size of this apartment will not let you fit a full-size fridge.

Above the kitchen sink there is cabinet storage. This is perfect space for dry foods, pots and pans, mugs, dishes, or any items that will require storing.

Closet Space

Behind the kitchen there is a small closet. Nyasia describes it as a “Walk-in closet” but realistically it is a small storage room. It will allow you take one step inside but not much more than that. However, for one person, this storage space should be more than enough space. It will keep any clothes, shoes, suitcases, and any other miscellaneous items organized.

Living/Room Space

As Nyasia states, you can fit a queen-sized bed in this apartment. However, a queen-sized bed will take up most of your real estate.

In the other hand, a twin bed may be the better option to gain more desk/living/kitchen space. It will be up to the person living inside this space to determine what better fits their lifestyle.

Another option would be to use a futon or a sofa bed to maximize the utilization of this space. Spaces like these are where multi-functional furniture shine and work the best.

You will have to be creative in the way you organize and place your furniture as there is little to no room on having options on how to decorate this space. This space would be very difficult for two people to live in.

Bathroom Space

This apartment does not include an en-suite bathroom, which does not make it an apartment but more of a dormitory style living space. To clarify, a typical dormitory usually shares its restroom with a single floor, but this restroom is shared by you and another tenant.

In addition, the restroom is not your usual apartment restroom. They have separated the shower and toilet space with their own private entrances. This makes sense as you do not want to have the shower in the same space as the toilet if you or your neighbor want to use either one.

More over, this is a great way to eliminate issues when if you are in the shower and your neighbor needs to use the toilet and vise-versa.


Pricing can be volatile depending on the market, but New York seems to not follow this rule. In other words, New York city is pricey, but considering the area of this unit the price makes sense. They have this unit currently listed at $1,600 a month. Price may vary and will change with the market and demand.

As Nyasia explains, the location is really what makes this space worth it. For example, being in the heart of downtown and having the perk of being in walking distance to major stores, restaurants, and entertainment is a luxury.  

In conclusion, this 70 Sq Ft New York Apartment tour may be small but the functionality and location works.