Easy 400 Square Feet apartment floor plans

Here is a list of the best 400 square feet apartment floor plans we found on YouTube. Moving into a small apartment can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t have any ideas or plans for a layout. We hope these floor plans can assist in sparking ideas for your living space arrangements. 

400 square feet in Manhattan 

Inside this 400 sq ft studio apartment we can identify the furniture layout in a rectangle shaped apartment. This layout can fit a full-size pullout sofa bed, twin bed, desk, and still have plenty of space for other furniture that fits your needs. This layout is a great way to make a small studio space feel bigger.  

The wooden divider between the bed and sofa creates two separate spaces and makes the studio have better flow. For better sleep comfort, we would suggest replacing the bulky divider with space saving ceiling curtains to upgrade the twin bed to a full bed.  

419 square feet in D.C. 

This modern style studio apartment has a great layout that creates a nice blend between the living and bedroom space. In this layout you’ll find a 3-piece sectional couch, queen bed, Tv stand with storage, end table/stools, and small dining table.  

This floor plan is laid out so the furniture cohesively works with each other and blends the whole room together. The bed is used as a day bed so you can use it to sit while entertaining on the couch. The whole room is staged to be utilized fully during day and night.  

400 square feet in California 

In this floor plan, we can see how the layout is staged for a smaller living space. This apartment has more Kitchen space which makes the living/bed space is a bit trickier to stage.  

Although the space is smaller, this floor plan allows you to fit a full-sized couch, full bed, TV stand and numerous smaller furniture. 

A great tip from this video is how you can utilize a drawer as a TV stand and explaining how keeping an organized closet can help keep your living space from feeling cluttered.  

400 square feet in New York City 

This floor plan is staged with luxury taking the center stage. Unless you live under a rock, you already know New York is pricy and the aesthetics in this floor plant must match  the price tag.  

This layout has a full bed, full sectional couch, coffee table, TV credenza, Washer and Dryer, and many luxurious looking furniture that blend the room together.  

One thing we like to point out is that you don’t have to live in NYC to get the luxury feel and aesthetics. This is laid out the same way as many other floor plans that we have seen but the decor is on another level and the lighting improves the quality of the room. This can easily be achieved anywhere. If this is your type of style, this video should get your creative ideas going.  

400 square feet in Toronto, Canada 

Unlike the other videos, this floor plan was staged by an interior designer. She provides great insight and ideas that can help you in your space.  

One feature that we thought was genus was the custom storage that is set up as a dressing room/storage area. A lot of smaller apartments don’t have ample closet space so making an exterior space for it is very cool and unique.  

Its inevitable that all your belonging will most likely be in one room when you’re in a 400 square foot apartment. Therefore, the bed is staged against the wall to cater for the rest of furniture that you may have.  

Based on how the furniture setup in this video, it creates 3 zones to allow for a bedroom, living room, and dining room section.  

The fact that there is a dining room area in a 400 sq ft apartment shows the importance in investing in an interior designer.  

400 square feet apartment floor plans

Today we take you to a tour of a 474 square feet studio apartment in Seattle. The apartment is a super tiny space that has been well designed by Wherever She Goes. The apartment is clean and simple, bathed in neutral light coming straight through the two big windows. It is a perfect little studio apartment for a single girl. A giant grey concrete column stands in the middle of the space from the floor to the ceiling, adding an industrial touch to the space. On the contrary, lush artificial green artificial plants make the home feel cozier and more relaxed. The black accents bring a touch of modern interior design.  

From the walk- in closet to the one wall kitchen, the overall layout of the apartment feels very functional. The white kitchen cabinetry makes the apartment feel open. This cute little studio apartment in the heart of Seattle is the urban living abundant, with a simplistic charm. The overall interior design and aesthetic of the space reflects the owner’s personal flair. It is a minimalistic studio apartment that creates a perfect balance between industrial and homey.  

400 square feet studio apartment tour

This is the apartment tour of 400 square feet apartment in California that belongs to Annamae Joy. It is a recently renovated loft with updated recessed lighting and modern finishing touches. The light brown laminated floors, give a clean look to the entire space. Right off the entrance is a dimensional one wall kitchen with teal cabinets and white countertops, creating a beautiful contrast. The stainless-steel appliances and recessed lighting running under the cabinetry, give the kitchen a luxurious look.   

To maintain the overall aesthetic, the teal theme continues into the bathroom. The shower tub combo stands out from the rest of the bathroom, with the teal-colored subway tiles. Coming to the living space, the tiny apartment is filled with a bed, a grey couch, white dresser/entertainment drawer and a small work desk. All this furniture is placed strategically to define and separate each area. But, due to the tight space there is little to no segregation. A tall mirror makes the room feel bigger and brighter. What’s interesting is that, an apartment this small, has a walk-in closet. The closet is well organized with racks, hangers, cubbies and selves. Over all, this 400 square feet loft is a cute little lodging to enjoy the Californian lifestyle.  

400 square feet apartment floor plans

6 months later since she first moved in, Annamae Joy gives a retour of her 400 square feet studio apartment in California. She has updated and redesigned the space with new and modern touches, uplifting the entire space. The kitchen is right off the entrance. It is a curved single wall kitchen with teal cabinets and white countertop. The outer angled end of the kitchen creates a tiny peninsula. The patio has been upgraded with modern Spanish tiles and two rustic bar stools that create the perfect boho-chic ambiance.  

Moving on, the main living space is where the major upgrade took place. The entire theme of the space is neutral white kitchen and beige tones. Though there is no real segregation between the spaces, the layout seems much airier and more spacious now. A big plant in the corner of the room, makes the room feel relaxed. The best thing about this apartment is that, even though it is very small, the windows bring a lot of natural light, making it feel bright and breathable. The overall interior of the house is modern yet elegant. The wooden shelves, textured traditional rug and black accents make it very aesthetic and Pinterest worthy!  

Custom 400 square feet home

Urban living is expensive, especially when it comes to accommodation. With LA being one of the most desired places on the planet, the housing costs here are too high. To minimize the cost of living in California, many choose condos, lofts and studio apartments. This is 400 square feet pre-fabricated tiny house in the LA. Pre-fab houses are beautifully designed modern industrial houses. They are ultra-modern and contain all the basic necessities. They are the future of housing – efficient, cost effective and sustainable.  

This luxury pre-fab house costs $200,000 in LA. It is a backyard home with one bedroom and one bathroom. The home is clean and simple with modern design theme. The single wall kitchen is all white with a Scandinavian style and blends in with the rest of the space. The kitchen design is sleek with a built-in fridge and induction cook top. Right of the kitchen is the main living space with a floor to ceiling windows, that make the tiny home feel bright and open. The bedroom bathroom unit is a compact area, well laid out to maximize the space. Over all, the house is an ultra-modern piece of architecture perfect for all minimalists out there! 

440 square feet apartment tour

In this video, Jake Tusing takes us on a tour of his 440 square feet studio apartment located in the heart of downtown. The studio apartment is in small city of Southwest Virginia, perfect for a single male. The dark gloomy interior creates a masculine vibe. The kitchen is a half on wall kitchen with 4-6 cabinets, fridge and cook top. The rest of the apartment is well planned. The bedroom section is a small area with bed, side table and shelf. Right off the bedroom area is the walk-in closet. To save extra space, the washer and dryer are placed within the closet area.  

The rest of the apartment is set up as the living area with a dark couch. L shaped desk creates a nice working space in the corner. Two windows bring in nice natural light to brighten up the space during the day. Despite the dark aesthetic, the apartment does not feel too closed up. The minimalistic layout, manages the floor plan without making it seem too tight. Overall, it is a nice little apartment perfect for those who want affordable lodging in downtown to enjoy the urban lifestyle.