How Big Is A 700 Square Foot Apartment?

So how big is a 700 square foot apartment? – With more people moving to the city to find jobs, the population in urban and cosmopolitan cities is on a rapid rise, leading to many problems. One such problem is the increasing demand for affordable residential units in the limited area available because everyone wants to have an easier commute to work.

The simple solution to this issue is to move into an apartment instead of a house. Apartments are way easier to clean and maintain. Plus, you can save many expenses on mortgage, taxes, maintenance, and utility bills.

There are different apartment sizes, from a tiny 200 sq. ft. studio apartment to a luxury 1000 sq. ft. penthouse loft. However, generally, people prefer a standard-sized apartment around 700 sq. ft. – not too big, not too small.

What Is a Square Foot?

How Big Is A 700 Square Foot Apartment

One-foot equals 12 inches, so a foot square means an area 12″ by 12″. It is the unit usually used to measure the area of a given space. You can imagine a square foot to be as big as a standard ceramic floor tile. 

How Big Is A 700 Square Foot Apartment?

700 square feet is considered a good size for apartments. It is about one-fourth of a tennis court. When we say an apartment is 700 square feet, it means it is a relatively smaller place than the standard US apartment size, which is around 950 square feet. Recently this size is becoming popular among the younger generation owing to its several benefits over the larger residential units. Considering that people even have 600, 500, or even 400 square foot apartments, 700 does not seem very small.

To give you an idea of how big a 700 square foot apartment can be, let us take a look at the usual floor plan. So, you will have a living room, an open plan kitchen with an attached dining area, a bedroom, a bathroom, and maybe even a nice Juliet balcony.

How Many People Can Live in a 700 Square Foot Apartment?

Ideally, a 700 sq. ft. apartment is suitable for a single person or a couple. It is not small but not too big either so more than two people will not be able to live comfortably. It provides sufficient size and space for two people to live comfortably without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. Storage might be an issue but that can be easily solved. Be creative with storage and try to maximize it by adding extra cabinetry, shelves, hangers and storage units.

How To Decorate A 700 Square Foot Apartment?

Now when it comes to decorating your apartment, there are a few fundamental principles you must remember. You will have to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle while utilizing all nooks and crannies of your place. Storage will become your number one priority, so invest in good-quality storage bins with lids, organizers, and furniture that can double as a storage box. You need to de-clutter regularly because pilling up stuff is just not an option. And now here are some practical ways to decorate your humble abode:

1.    Add Character to Your Walls

How Big Is A 700 Square Foot Apartment?

As you keep the furniture compact, you can go big on the walls with massive art pieces or paintings. They can be a great way to reflect your personality in your place. Removable wallpaper can also add a personalized flavor to your place. Floating shelves are trending and give fabulous character to your walls. In short, there are endless possibilities to add character to your home through walls. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. For example, instead of hanging random images, try to create a cohesive look with images centered around a particular theme. 

2.    Use Open Shelving

Open Shelving for Apartment

Open shelves are an exciting way of increasing storage and style without giving a claustrophobic look like that of closed shelves. You can keep your books, a lovely globe, a couple of small faux planters and storage boxes in the bottom section to make the best out of it. Open shelves work great in the living room, kitchen, and entrance. You can also choose from various materials, including wood, stainless steel, or concrete! 

3.    Adding A Loft

Loft Bed

You can also get a custom-made loft bed according to your home. Many people are installing loft beds these days. This is an incredible hack for studio apartments. Loft bed and a walk-in closet underneath can look cute and add a unique element to your bedroom. This can double the space available and prevent clutter. Ikea offers a good variety of loft beds and desks in all sizes and styles to suit your taste. 

4. Ditch The Bulky Coffee Tables

Coffee Table

A coffee table is the center of attention in your living room. If it is bulky, large, or closed from all sides, it will make the whole room appear crowded. So, smart furnishing should be your prime goal. A fantastic option is a log slice coffee table with metal hairpin legs because they occupy much less space and look chic. A glass or marble top coffee table with open legs will also look appealing while not taking much of your space.

5.    Focus On Flooring

How Big Is A 700 Square Foot Apartment?

Flooring can have a massive impact on the look of your apartment. If you cannot update the flooring, spread out rugs and mats to define your space. You can use lots of vibrant colors and patterns to break the monotony. For example, Bohemian patterns can add an exotic flavor to your space. 

Also, remember the size of rugs is crucial, so take accurate measurements of all the rooms before purchasing a carpet. Ensure that each piece of furniture in the room at least touches the rug. A small rug in the living room can create an illusion of an even smaller room. 

6.    Lose The Drapes

How Big Is A 700 Square Foot Apartment? drapes

Heavy drapes and curtains can make your place feel boxed up, so get rid of them and let the natural light fill in the rooms, making your place nice and bright. Allow the air to flow in and give a fresh breeze to your home. Get nice light sheer fabrics for curtains, or you can also buy blinds or shutters to maintain privacy. Another way to ditch the curtains and still maintain privacy is by replacing the window glass with tinted glass. 

7.    Lights And Lamps

Lamp for small studio space - How Big Is A 700 Square Foot Apartment?

Small apartments often lack adequate natural light, so add alternate light sources wherever you can by using pendulum lights, chandeliers, and floor lamps. Instead of bedside lamps at nightstands, use hanging lamps and light fixtures on the wall on either side of your bed to save up space. Adding extra lighting will create a nice ambiance and make the apartment feel brighter and more open.


700 sq. ft. apartments are widely popular these days but living in a small apartment is not so easy. Don’t be fooled by the charm of the small space. So, if you are planning to move into a small apartment, there are some things you should know first. This article tells you all you need to know about living small. We have also listed some great tips to help you live comfortably in a 700 sq. ft. apartment. So, now you can live big in a small place by making smarter choices and incorporating functionality and style together in your sweet tiny 700 sq. ft. apartment!