What Is a Studio Apartment? – The Ultimate Guide

So what is a studio apartment? – Studio apartments are becoming quite popular nowadays, especially in cities where space crunch does not allow large residential developments. As more and more people move towards the city to enjoy an urban lifestyle, the demand for studio apartments has grown tremendously.

However, many people still don’t know what a studio apartment is exactly. Today we will tell you everything you need to know about studio apartments in this ultimate studio apartment guide

Have a detailed look at this guide to find out what studio apartments exactly are and how they help people to solve their housing problems.

What Is a Studio Apartment?

What is a studio apartment?

A studio apartment is generally a small apartment with a singular living space that functions as a living room, bedroom and kitchen. It does have a separate bathroom. Some studio apartments have partial walls. These walls create segregation between different living spaces.

For example, if you have any guests coming, you will have some privacy. Studio apartments are also known as efficiency apartments because they work on the principle of effective space utilization.

Why Are Studio Apartments Popular?

What is a studio apartment

Here are some reasons why studio apartments are getting so popular these days:

They are Affordable

The most important thing to notice is that a studio apartment is more affordable than any other apartment. Studio apartments are usually appreciated by tenants living alone or wanting to live alone especially in a smaller and more affordable space.

If you’re in a relationship, the cost and affordability becomes very favorable. Many couples tend to start off in a small studio to save up for the next bigger home or apartment. Read more on what to expect with living in a studio apartment with a spouse here.

They are Energy Efficient

Moreover, studio apartments have proven to be excellent for energy efficiency. It is much easier to pay cheaper bills across the board. Even heating a studio apartment in the winter or keeping it cool in the summer is quite easy, which means tenants can reduce their outgoings and relax at home most of the time.

Shorter Commute and Saving

Studio apartments are usually close in the main city and closer to all the hustle and bustle. Tenants can come closer to their work and cut down on commute costs as well as their property costs at the same time.

They are Low Maintenance

Another thing to keep in mind is those studio apartments are much easier to clean and maintain. A larger space might catch your eye at first, but it costs more to furnish. You have to spend quite some to clean a larger space too.

However, studio apartments are small and take no time for cleaning.  Young tenants that work long hours might not find it fun to spend hours cleaning their space; that is why they need a more compact design that can easily be turned into a tidier, happier home.

Micro Living

As the minimalist lifestyle trend is growing popular, people are moving towards micro living. And what better way to live small than living in a studio apartment. Studio apartments are the best way to practice minimalism as there is not much room to store or hoard things.

Studio Apartments Vs. One-Bedroom Apartments

Bedroom vs studio apartment

A one-bedroom apartment is quite different when compared to a studio apartment because a one-bedroom apartment has a separate bedroom with a door. This is the main difference. Although one-bedroom apartments are slightly larger than studio apartments.

Having a separate bedroom can be beneficial due to privacy reasons and it does make a one-bedroom apartment better than a studio apartment. Not to forget, if you are sharing an apartment with someone then a one-bedroom apartment is better than a studio apartment.

Usually, one-bedroom apartments also have a separate kitchen. Rather than having everything in one common space – and it is always better to have a separate space for other activities.

Unlike a studio apartment, you will also probably have more closet space. Storage space is an issue when it comes to studio apartments. Some one-bedroom apartments even have a bathroom connected to the bedroom for privacy, which isn’t something you get in a studio apartment.

Considering all the things a one-bedroom apartment provides you; it is expected to pay higher rent for a one-bedroom than you would for a studio. You will also need more furniture to fill up all the space. This clearly shows that a studio apartment is quite cheaper and easier to live in.

Limitations Of Renting a Studio Apartment

If you are considering renting a studio apartment then you should be aware of some limitations too. It is not a terrible idea to live in a studio apartment if you are alone but if you want to live with someone, then you might face some challenges. Since there is not a separate area when you need a quiet place to work or study, you will be bothered. Privacy is also limited since you have, on average, 600 square feet of living space.

Considerations When Choosing a Studio Apartment

Save money

Here are some you should keep in mind before moving into a studio apartment:

  1. Decide On a Budget

Keep a budget in your mind and try not to cross it. Studio apartments are not very expensive especially if you are living alone so it is better to have a price and budget. You will find a studio apartment in your budget, if you cannot then try compromising on the square footage because smaller apartments will cost much less.

  1. Check The Comfortable Space

Look around if it is the right environment and space for you. The apartment should be functional and provide some type of space. You should be able to organize and arrange it as per your needs. Your comfort is essential for a healthy lifestyle balance.

  1. Look For Amenities and Features

Try to look for luxurious features and things that give your place a special vibe and feel. It could be anything from new finishes and custom cabinetry to a private balcony or an extra closet – whatever gets you excited!

How To Organize a Studio Apartment?

Organization in apartment

Let’s move on to organizing a studio apartment. You should start by de-cluttering the mess. Throw away the things you do not need or want. Get rid of any oversized furniture that will not fit in your new apartment. Go shopping and look for smaller items that will fill up your space nicely and will not look like a mess.

Remember to think vertically, since some studio apartments have high ceilings, most of your space might be above your head. You should add some shelves or tall bookcases to make use of that space.

Do not buy or keep a coffee table. Instead, go for a small storage ottoman or a footstool as they will take up less space. You will still have a place to set your drink or put your feet up and enjoy your tea or a book. It is even better to find something with storage space so you could put seasonal throws, some items like blankets or books inside. This will give a very neat and organized look to the studio apartment.

Find a spot for everything if you do not want your studio to go from neat to looking disorganized. Put away one or two things that are out of place to create a harmonious look.