How Many People Can Live in A Studio Apartment?

How Many People Can Live in A Studio Apartment? – Guide On How to Share a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments keep getting popular as time goes by. Especially in cities where space crunch does not allow large residential developments, studio apartments play a significant role. Many young people now prefer to live in studio apartments due to low maintenance and low cost. Let’s tell you exactly what studio apartments are and why are they so in demand! 

What Is a Studio Apartment?

How Many People Can Live in A Studio Apartment

Briefly, studio apartments are living spaces with an open concept living with a kitchen, and a bathroom. The thing that makes studio apartments different is that there are no rooms whatsoever. The only doors you’ll see are the bathroom door and the main door. Some studio apartments even have partial walls. These walls create a differentiation; in case a guest comes in so you can have some privacy.

Based on my past history, I went deeper into explaining what a studio apartment is here and what to expect.

Size Of small Studio Apartments 


All studio apartments are different. You’ll find a variety of ideas and styles when searching for the perfect studio apartment. Studio apartments are usually 500-600 square feet. This size is similar to that of a high school classroom. However, some studio apartments can also be over 1000 sq. ft. while others 200-400 sq. ft. 

You might see some studio floor plans with half walls or built-in bookcases. This helps in dividing the spaces. Not to mention, studio apartments also have high ceilings. This can prove to be very good as there’s more air and open space, it will give your space a roomier feel. 

You will want to look for a studio apartment with more windows or even taller windows. The windows will allow natural light to enter and open the space, making it feel and appear bigger than it already is.

Who Should Consider a Studio Apartment?

Studio apartments are primarily popular among tenants and young home buyers. Studio apartments can work very well for single working professionals or people living alone. Living in a studio apartment is much cheaper than buying a house or a whole apartment even – he rent is low, cheap utility bills and very easy to clean. Therefore, more and more people opt for studio apartments. Plus, they are mostly right in the heart of the city, meaning shorter commute to school/work. 

Benefits Of a small Apartment

Saving while in studio apartment

No one can disagree on studio apartments being relatively small and not so spacious, but they offer several benefits for tenants and owners.

  • Studio apartments being space-efficient, are best for tenants living alone.
  • Cheaper electricity bills due to less energy consumption.
  • Affordable due to the rent being lower compared to other apartments.
  • Studio apartments are usually located in central locations with good connectivity.
  • Requires less cleaning and low maintenance.

How Many People Can Share Studio Apartment?

Roommates in small apartment

Living in an apartment is not very easy, especially when it’s a studio apartment. Studio apartments are small and typically designed to accommodate a single person. But, at least two people can comfortably live in a decent sized studio apartment.

Some people prefer to share apartments as well, and most of the time, people find sharing a studio apartment relatively easier. It is much better to share with a friend rather than a stranger. It’s even better to share a studio apartment with a significant other as it will allow you to have a single bed in the apartment, which will be much more comfortable. Don’t worry if you don’t have a significant other; having a friend isn’t a bad option either because friends can also do a lot to help you out and make the space comfortable around each other.

Try your best to avoid living in a studio apartment with a stranger. Many people complain about sharing a studio apartment with a stranger as it’s pretty uncomfortable sharing a single room with a stranger. You don’t know much about their lifestyle, which might clash with yours. 

Tips On Living with A Roommate

Good roommate for apartment

It doesn’t matter what your situation is or what type of roommate you have. You can make things work with just some tips and tricks that most people don’t know. These are general tips on living in a tight space or making your life a little bit easier with a living roommate.

  • Choose A Good Roommate

Nothing is easy about living with a person you’re not compatible with. If you want to make a living in a relatively small one-room apartment with someone else work, you should be optimistic about your roommate. It’s important to like your roommate rather than fighting 24/7 or causing a scene.

You don’t always have to agree with everything your roommate says, but prioritize their opinions too. You should try your best to get along with them. Before you talk to someone just moving in with you, think hard about what you are looking for in a roommate. Look for precisely what you want in your roommate and try to find exactly that. 

  • Ground Rules Are Important

Living in a small place with someone might sometimes drive you crazy, which is why you need to set some ground rules. Some house rules of what is allowed and what isn’t allowed will save you a lot of time you might spend arguing with your roommate. These things may be cleaning or even chores schedule.

You should talk about how often/late visitors can come or stay. There are no limits, and you can set these rules for pretty much anything but make sure to follow these rules yourself. Don’t expect your roommate to act like an angel while you make them feel uncomfortable in their own space as well. 

  • Ways To Have Some Privacy

Another great thing to discuss and keep in mind while sharing a studio apartment is privacy concerns. Try to create barriers between your spaces so the other one cannot violate your privacy. Having one giant room won’t allow you or your roommate to have your own space. Create a separation using anything like hanging beads or even a bed sheet or a curtain to give it the illusion of your rooms. It might not be the best solution to the problem, but something is better than nothing. 

  • De-clutter And Organize

If you have a problem getting rid of things, you might not like this idea. However, it’s one of the most important things to do whenever it comes to sharing a studio apartment. De-clutter your stuff and spaces. Sharing one apartment is never easy, especially when it’s a studio apartment. Get rid of all the unnecessary items to make space for other important stuff. Save your studio apartment from looking like a mess by cleaning out and organizing.

  • Use Space Wisely

When you have little to no space in a studio apartment, you need to get creative. Think out of the box and use the space in the apartment in a unique way. Use organizers or furniture with storage spaces because you will need every inch of space you can get. If the space is not used correctly, you will run out of space pretty quickly, giving the apartment a messy look. In this situation, shelves, hidden storage, bookcases will help a lot. Not just this, you will find many other ideas and tips to get rid of this fear of losing space if you get creative and organize everything functionally. 

To find more about what to expect when living with a roommate, read this article that deeps dive into this subject furthermore.