Living in A Studio Apartment with A Baby

Living in a studio apartment is a challenging task on its own and adding a baby just makes it a living nightmare for any person. However, it’s not impossible! If you want to make a living with a baby in a studio apartment, you have to be patient and make the apartment baby-friendly. How exactly can you do that? Well, stay tuned to find out because today we will tell you everything you need to know about living in a studio apartment with a baby!

Tips To Live in a Studio Apartment with a Baby

Initially, you might find it hard to adjust but if you keep in mind the following eight tips, you might love the idea of living in a studio apartment with a baby.

De-clutter And Reorganize

Declutter living space

Let’s get one thing straight, babies come with a lot of responsibilities – and useless stuff too. It is always necessary to make space in the already cramped studio apartment. The first thing you need to do is, just get rid of all the unnecessary trash and items. Do not hold onto things you don’t use or need anymore. Be realistic about things and organize everything functionally.

De-cluttering will allow you to reorganize as well, which will give you even more space to put your baby stuff in. Make sure to de-clutter the kitchen space too so you have space to put your baby’s food and eating items like bottles. Also, make sure to keep a list. The list should include places you think might need more space and work on de-cluttering. You will stay focused and will easily remember what you have to clean next.

Additionally, here are 7 items you don’t need while living in a small space.

Mini Crib

Living in A Studio Apartment with A Baby

Look for a regularly sized crib and avoid buying cribs bigger in size as they can make your space claustrophobic. Your studio apartment will give a tight look. As an alternative you can use “mini cribs”.  Many people are at first a little skeptical about the whole concept of a mini crib. However, they are pretty amazing and convenient. Mini cribs will fit your small space perfectly and you won’t have to forcibly cram one in the apartment. Keep the mini crib in the same dedicated nursery spot. It is recommended to get one with wheels so you can easily move it around. A pro tip: look for a mini crib with storage compartments to store the baby’s stuff!

Remove Unnecessary Furniture

Remove furniture for space

If you have a sectional sofa that was great but took up a lot of room and was not essential – get rid of it. As a result, you can exchange it for a loveseat and a rocking rocker. All non-functional furniture should be treated the same way. If you have a nightstand that is simply for show and accomplishes nothing else, it has to go too. The point is that you have to think baby-friendly now. Babies grow fast and as they grow their needs grow too. To accommodate those needs you have to keep altering and changing things around your house – especially the furniture.

Buy Everything in A Travel Version

Living in A Studio Apartment with A Baby

Everything should be purchased in a travel version. Why? When you are not using it, you may fold it up and store it. Baby gear takes up a lot of space. This is, for example, the infant bathtub that everyone recommends. That is great…but where are you meant to put it during the hours when you are not using it? Instead, you should buy one that you can fold up and stash beneath the sink after being through with it. Just remember that anything that screams “travel” or “portable” is likely to be easy to put away, giving you extra room when you are not using it.

Get A Storage Unit

Extra space to store items

For one simple reason, renting a storage container can save you a lot of money in the long run. When you are expecting a child and have a baby registry, it is the only moment in your life when everyone wants to purchase your baby items. So, make the most of it. You do not need a high chair right away, but getting one as a present now is preferable to having to go out and get one in six months. You will only have to spend a small amount per month to store all of those “later” baby items, and it is well worth it. Also, if you do not want to sell your extra furniture and other treasured possessions, you can store those in the storage unit too.

Get Creative with Storage

Living in A Studio Apartment with A Baby organizing

Get creative with storage space. You will have to use all kinds of nooks and crannies and strange locations for storage so that you can store everything in its place. Nobody wants the baby’s belongings to take over the entire apartment. So, store wherever you find empty space – even though others would wonder WHY IS THIS STORED IN THE KITCHEN? Well, you can find some room in the broom closet, in the TV unit drawers and coat closet. Every part of it will turn into a work of art for you. It will be trial and error at times but eventually you will manage to make SOMETHING work. You can also increase storage space by installing floating shelves and getting built-in units. If you have an empty corner, get a chest of drawers to give you extra storage space!

Practice Minimalism

Keep it simple and clean

Embrace minimalism and try to create a more minimalist lifestyle. Don’t buy things you don’t need and don’t fill your house with extra furnishing. Invest in only what’s necessary for you and your baby. If you do not have a lot of things, you will not have to put in any effort to store all of it. Plus, you won’t have to buy extra units to accommodate everything. This is why a minimalist lifestyle is a great solution to living comfortably in a studio apartment with a baby.

Create A Nursery

Custom nursery in studio apartment

Now, you must be wondering how can you create a nursery in a studio apartment when there is not even a separate room? Well, you don’t have to build a new nursery but you can create a separate space for your baby in your studio apartment. Determine a proper floor plan and arrange your apartment strategically. Pace the furniture a way that you create proper sight lines. You can separate the nursery from the rest of the house by installing a bookshelf, curtains or glass partition. Also, only buy space saving furniture for the nursery.

Summing Up

Raising and living with a baby is probably one of the most challenging things any person has to do. But it becomes tougher if you have to do it in a studio apartment. Creating a nursery, managing storage and maintaining the studio apartment are some of the challenges you face when living in a studio apartment with a baby. We mentioned some very useful tips above to help you create a comfortable and functional lifestyle in a studio apartment with your baby. So, use these tips and you can thank us later!